Always bet on black …

Wesley Snipes managed to wiggle his way out of his more severe charges (tax fraud and conspiracy) and is still facing the possibility of three years in prison for failing to file his returns. But that’s better than the 16 he was originally looking at.

Good for you, Wesley. You managed to subvert the system and you still might make it out of this thing with probation.

2 thoughts on “Always bet on black …

  1. I didn’t catch on C-SPAN but I’ve heard her speak before and seen some interviews with her and I’ve always been impressed. She represents her family very well and like her husband, doesn’t put forth too much effort in trying to be someone she’s not. And Michelle Obama definitely doesn’t censor herself. And I always like that in any sort of political figure.I wouldn’t necessarily compare her and Barack to the Kings though, because I think the Obamas want to be respected for who they are today and not have to compete in the shadow of past icons. They want to be judged on their own merits.Good post on your site, though.

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