Post-Dispatch: Black St. Louisans on the Dem race say, “Can’t we have both?”

Read a pretty good article in the Post-Dispatch on the conflicting loyalties in the Democratic race. Black people in St. Louis, like black people everywhere, are debating whether to vote with their pro-Obama hearts or their skeptical, hardened pro-Clinton heads. Most pro-Obama people admit that if Obama weren’t in the race they’d be backing Clinton. Others talk about feeling truly conflicted between the two. And there are those who flat out just wish they could be on the same ticket. Which, mind you, I don’t see happening. I envision that both of them would likely pick a white man as their VP. (I vote Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia!)

That said, I thought this was a good story even though writers Doug Moore and Jake Wagman just HAD to put that “First Black President” line in about Bill Clinton.

Seriously. We Negroes did not have a meeting and vote on this. And Toni Morrison never meant for her statement on the Republicans’ obsession with Bubba interpreted as an endorsement. So take down this message:

Dear American Press,

There was no vote taken on former President William Jefferson Clinton’s application for a ghetto pass and his request for an African-American Express card was denied. We appreciated his work in the 90s, but we investigated his background and he is not a black man. Please stop referring to him as such.


The Secret Council of American Negroes

2 thoughts on “Post-Dispatch: Black St. Louisans on the Dem race say, “Can’t we have both?”

  1. The Real Race Card(s) -So, let me get this straight: 1. We have the “ghetto card” which you can have customized with either the BET Logo or a disturbing picture of Lil Jon.2. We also have the African-American Express Card (which gets you 10% off all Neo-Soul concerts, and comes with either the Cosby Show logo or the Boondocks’ Logo).3. Is there a Black Snob Card featuring a pic of CNN anchors TJ Holmes or Don Lemon (or Amy Holmes 🙂 ? Or, maybe it comes with a choice of Barack Obama or Tiger Woods. James Blake maybe?4. How ’bout a Friends of the Family card featuring Bill Maher or Robert De Niro (who both have a healthy -or fetishy- love for black women). You could make an argument that ol’ Bill Clinton might be the choice for many who hold this card as well. Of course my favorite would be…5. The Blue Card.And there wouldn’t be a logo choice, it’d be a hologram that morphed among a few pictures: Ralph Ellison, Louis Armstrong, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson.Of course the real fun would come in figuring out the application/acceptance criteria…

  2. It just drives me nuts how some white people are obsessed with alleged “secret” on-goings in Black America. They act like we all go into a room and have a meeting of some kind discussing when to play the alleged “race card” and what offensive radio show host to chastize. If we were as organized as some think we are black people wouldn’t have nearly as many problems.Like, if Flava Flav, a known erratic drug addict, had applied to the Secret Council of American Negroes as to whether or not he could have a reality show he would have been denied.Someone also would have yanked Bill Cosby back on the reservation. And Oprah, like the Pope, would give Barack Obama her blessings.Wait. That actually happened.So what I’d be more interested in learning, who would be these mythical members from black society who would weight in on who to picket and who not to accuse of being a racist? If there were a SNAC, unlike the NACCP that actually had some cache, who do you think would be in it?I know Oprah would have a seat on the council. I’m sure the higher-ups let her in a long time ago when they initiated her one night by making her retrace the steps of the underground railroad at night, or something. To literally, wade in the water, so to speak.As for the white men who love black women thing (which I’m totally going to write about at some point), Bill Maher – fetish. Robert De Niro – love. Bill Maher actually dated the most screwed up black woman in America, Karrine Steffans. His other girlfriends have been of the stripper/hooker variety.Robert, on the other hand, broke up with his wife, then made an emotional plea for them to get back together because he loved her, wanted to come home and they have a kid together. She accepted.So that was actually sweet.And Bob’s wife, former fashion model, not a sad, screwed up ex-stripper.So for that and “Goodfellas,” Bob is my favorite not-black-white-Italian.

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