“Reverse Oreo?”

Regular Snob reader The Blue alerted me of some “reverse oreo” chatter involving Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness winner, #5 Don “Lover” Lemon on the Huffington Post. Naturally I ran over there with the quickness to investigate and found this.

(To only see the video, click here.)

What’s hilarious is how SERIOUS most of the posters on HuffPo take the whole thing, essentially acting like it’s the end of TV news.

Oh my God, someone said reverse oreo there and now let’s have a dissertation about miscegenation and big black buck myths. How dare those two tramps trivialize our holy, sacred news!

Getting giggly over Lemon lightly hinting at being in the middle of a white lady sandwich is not the end of TV news. Paris Hilton being dragged to court with TV helicopters zig zagging over Los Angeles while FOX and CNN carry it all live? That is the end of news. Perspective! This was just folks being goofy on the CNN. The thing is on for 24 hours. You can’t expect Kyra Phillips to hold back her Mandingo fantasies with the likes of Don Lemon and TJ Holmes running around. As long as she doesn’t start openly hitting on Lemon on the air calling herself Sexual White Chocolate, I’m going to just laugh at this because it’s funny.

2 thoughts on ““Reverse Oreo?”

  1. LOL — I think it’s great! His reaction made it awesome. And any guy, black or white, who has a problem with it is lying his ass off. Every single male human on Earth would give anything to be the middle of almost ANY sandwich, no matter what color the bread…

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