The Lastest Election Night Casualties

Edwards is dropping out. Yeah, yeah … but will that help or hurt Obama? Who are those 15 percent Edwards folks going to break for and was Obama’s statement on Johnny Handsome’s exit a “hint, hint, wink, wink” for yet another high profile endorsement for Team Obama? So many questions.

Oh, and Guiliani called it quits. Will probably endorse McCain. Another one bites the dust. Good Hair Mitt is going to stick with it even though it seems everyone in the race hates him. He’ll hit up the ATM and yank out a few more millions and try to buy himself a presidency. I do love watching Mitt’s various transformations. From Steve Forbes to Guy Smiley (see photo) to the “what can I say to get you to vote for me today?” guy. “Does it help if I take my jacket off and roll up my sleeves? How about if I let my hair get a little tousled? What if I hijack Obama’s ‘change’ message? What if I wear a traditional Cuban shirt? What if I just give you $100? Would you like $100?

4 thoughts on “The Lastest Election Night Casualties

  1. My prediction: Edwards endorses Obama on the eve of Super Tuesday. Obama unveils an anti-poverty initiative, or at least starts trumpeting his anti-poverty bona-fides. And Obama gets a substantial bump. (But I gotta think the Clintonistas are planning a surprise too).I further predict that the vast majority of Edwards’ supporters will find their way to Obama. It’s a hunch. Most people talk about race as a factor, but racially motivated white voters left the Democratic party long ago. These Edwards people are folks who are big on unions, anti-free trade, and living in places defined by one or more plants that have closed or are in the process of closing. If Obama throws them a bone, the big blue dogs will come a-runnin’. He’s gotta talk about Chicago and whole communities thrown out of work by evil companies running for the greener, cheaper, and less-regulated fields of Asia and Latin America. I’m not saying he’s got to sound xenophobic, but it wouldn’t hurt to channel his inner Pat Buchanan right about now. (Oh, but then there’s the Latino vote). We’ll just have to see I guess.

  2. I love the comparison to Guy Smiley. If ever there was a contrived and manufactured individual, Mitt Romney is it. Phoney as a $3 bill and totally plastic.I’d love Edwards to back Obama. Edwards put poverty on the map this election year and I applaud him for that. I think Edwards had alot of good things to say and I’ll miss his presence.

  3. I can’t claim all the credit for the Guy Smiley crack. Stephen Colbert put it out there first after he came back from strike induced hiatus. The minute I saw Guy Smiley footage from the Muppet of Smiley trotting out for a game show while Colbert talked about Romney, I died laughing.

  4. Oh, and Blue I think there will be some Edwards backers who will break for Hillary based on the fact that she’s getting a lot of support from poor whites.But I do think young people and minorities who were attracted to Edwards will break for Obama. I think he’ll get some union folks too, as the unions appear to be split between him and Hillary.I’m just wondering if he’ll endorse anyone. I don’t think Edwards would want to run for VP again (and I don’t think Hillary or Obama would pick him because of “The John Kerry Defeat Cooties” all over him), but I think Edwards would be awesome to work in a Democratic Administration. I can see him as a great Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy style, getting things done. Or Secretary of the Interior. Or over Homeland Security. Or even Secretary of State. He’s about as qualified as Condi, the Russian expert, was.God love Condeleeza but she was a nightmare. I’ve defended her as a fellow BAP, but I couldn’t defend her mangling of the Middle East peace process or her limp-wristed attempts to grapple with the increasingly recalcitrant Vlad “Pooty-Poot” Putin.CNN is floating some rumors about Edwards and Clinton getting cozy and whisper-y doing a recent debate and that perhaps they’re planning something.Or it could be that CNN is hitting the bong again. They do that sometimes.

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