Shenanigans a-foot, yet again!

Hillary Clinton handsomely won the Geritol State’s Democratic popularity contest. Proving that while some would shrug and move on, Hillary always pushes the limits of booty-butt-naked ambition like any good Clinton would.

Even though everyone agreed months ago that Florida’s primary would not count and that Florida has been stripped of its delegates, Clinton is lobbying party leaders to get those delegates (that she would win) back in play.

Really? I call both bollocks and shenanigans!

There is a part of me that admires the Clintons’ shame-free ruthlessness, especially when it was trained on the Republicans. I don’t enjoy seeing it deployed in Dem-on-Dem violence, but I’m amazed at the nutso nature of her latest attempt at political jujitsu. It’s all an effort to bring down the high of the Kennedy legacy endorsement Obama received (and to scoop up delegates if we go to a brokered convention). It’s like the whole Vegas gambit and just like there I believe Clinton will push the issue and lose.

But, wow, I’m watching her throw a party for herself in Florida on MSNBC right now and, man, if you’re into the ultimate display of carefully calculated political manipulation she has painted the inauthenticity masterpiece. Bill (naturally) is a master of this. He probably suggested she try to pull off this media coup de grace. Instead of talking about Obama’s next move the pundits will have a Clinton-hate orgy over this, causing the pundits to go overboard (as they always do) and cause a backlash that leads to people being more sympathetic to the Clintons rather than pissed off. And they’ll be doubly sympathetic after the Bill n’ Hill Show charms the pants off everyone while simultaneously wagging their finger of shame on the only people despised more than them — the media.

Just like if you accused the Clintons of eating a baby at least 40 percent of Americans would think it was plausible. But have the media accused of infant cannibalism and the streets would flow with the blood of Chris Matthews and everyone at FOX News. Even Alan Colmes. Probably for being so tepid about everything, so I guess that would be a mercy killing.

Anyway, brava, Hillary Clinton and your pundit pissing off moment! It won’t work for more than five minutes, but I know, in your mind, that was all you needed.

Side note: John McCain is ahead of Mitt Romney. I’m pulling for Romney in the hopes of causing more chaos on the Republican side. This election is still the Dems to lose considering how angry everyone is at the Republicans right now with their Don Quixote excursions into the Middle East (McCain), neck twisting double-talk (Romney) and promises of getting some deity into the godless constitution courtesy of Mike Huckabee. Yeah, it’s party suicide over there.

I repeat. Don’t mess this up, Dems! Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of President-elect Barack Obama!

Side note II: The New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) apparently stepped off the reservation when they tagged Teddy as a traitor for choosing a man over the woman who may become the first woman president. I thought that was really bizarre, considering Teddy’s track record as a support of women’s rights and women’s issues. I hate to bust out with a tired, sexist cliche, but was it that time of the month over there? Just say you back Hillary. Don’t beat down folks over it because they chose not!Hillary. What the hizzell? Seriously. Can we stop the black-liberal-on-black-liberal, women-activist-on-women-activist-supporter violence? To quote the Civil Rights pioneers of the 1960s, keep your eyes on the prize! Don’t fuck this up, liberals! I swear. If I have to live under another Republican regime promising of more wars and more black folks in prison I will be very, very disappointed.

And I might cause you physical harm if I see you walking down my street.

3 thoughts on “Shenanigans a-foot, yet again!

  1. Well, I’m more of a snob against ignorance. BET. Racists. You know, things that should get the brush off.Other than that I’m more of a nerd. I would have gone with “The Black Nerd,” but that didn’t sound as cool at the time.

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