Did anyone else watch our beleaguered Leader of the Free World sleepwalk his way through (thank Jesus) his last State of the Union address? I caught parts of it and the Democratic response, which was super Dullsville as well. Seriously, that was the best the Dems could come up with? But I shouldn’t be surprised as these are the same Dems who have allowed themselves to be out-witted, out-lasted and out-played in Survivor: Washington, D.C. by the incurious privileged son of another former Leader of the Free World, Bush 41.

Still, George W. looked at peace when he surveyed the crowd and autographed copies of the speech he sure as hell did not write and relished in the thunderous applause of his phalanx of incompetence enablers, willing to screw over the country as long as no one in is ever held accountable for all the rules and ethics violated and the pointless conflicts started.

But to paraphrase a 70s flick, being George W. means never having to say you’re sorry.

I really hope that no matter who wins the White House in November that they will take serious the damage done by everything from wasteful spending in Iraq; crimes commented against and by contracts in Iraq, illegal wiretapping, authorization of torture on detainees; Guantanamo; the push for war in Iraq; the suppression of the black vote in Florida (2000) and Ohio (2004); the poor planning, oversight and negligence that destroyed lives after Hurricane Katrina, and allowed for the continued abuse of the people of New Orleans in the aftermath; the mistreatment of our veterans; and all those missing e-mails.

I don’t want to see these incidents get swept under the rug in some pacification push for “compromise.” Laws were broken. Lives were ruined. If we allow these issues to go unresolved we are basically saying the next president and the next congress are also entitled to be just as brash and negligent with the country as the previous administration. I don’t care if finding the truth means some Democrats will also get caught in the fire (see Nancy Pelosi, and other Dems who knew about the water torture going on and the infamous destroyed CIA tapes.) They were in the wrong too. McCain survived the Keating 5 scandal. Countless politicians made it through Iran-Contra. I’d rather have the awful truth than nothing at all.

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  1. Heeeyyyy! What was wrong with the Dems’ Response?I thought Sebelius was pretty good. For those yearning for a way to re-energize white females who would be put off by Obama defeating Billary, she looks pretty good to me. Think about it: red-state female governor of a state that borders Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma who looks strong and just oozes competence. She was born in Ohio and raised (Catholic) in Michigan for crissakes. (That’s an awful lotta votes). With her and Obama literally locking up every single electoral vote in the middle of the country, while already having California and New York in the bag, we won’t need the South at all! (Read the Wikipedia entry under “2006 election” for this lady. Wow.)The only drawback, of course, is the idea that a black man and white female on one ticket would represent too much change too fast (an idea, I think that has already been muted by the nation’s coming to grips with the fact that the next prez will likely be a “first”).And for those wanting a female prez…she’d be a lock for the nomination in 2016. (Sorry Hillary, you’d be done).Anyway, I like her! I wish she had a more conventional last name, but oh well….Obama/Sebelius 2008!!!!

  2. I like her, but I would have preferred some specifics and counter points to the many criticisms Bush levied against Congress. With many potential Independent supporters, both white and black, they often see Democrats as consistently coming from a place of weakness in everything, a little concrete defense would have been nice.I just wanted someone to grab you by the lapels and get your attention. Barack is very good at getting a listeners attention by both pointedly criticizing detractors and inspiring fellow politicians and voters that they can be better than themselves.She just didn’t bring the fire, the bite I would have liked. Sen. Jim Webb did a better job with the response last year even though the Dems went on to not back up the promises they made in Webb’s response.

  3. I agree. Webb would make an excellent VP candidate. Anyone on the Dem side should be courting him like crazy.And I know that last summer people were peppering him with questions about whether or not he was interested in being a VP candidate and he said a lot of things, but all of them were not “no.”Many a pundit noticed this and were surprised as traditionally all potential VP candidates say no even if they are thinking, “hell yes!”

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