Further evidence of the ignorance

Black celebrity gossip site Bossip regularly irritates me with their use of misogynist terms to denigrate black women. One of the regular features is “Ho Sit Down” which disparages all blacks who support Clinton over Obama as essentially “hoes.” This is very vulgar, like a lot of their terms Bossip uses regularly to describe black people.

This time they applied it to former poet laureate Maya Angelou who has come out for Hillary Clinton. On top of the whole “Ho Sit Down” thing, they go on to mock her as having a “slave” mentality and use vulgar terms against Angelou.

I understand their support of Barack Obama, but I think that if the Obama camp knew about this site’s endorsement they would say thanks, but no thanks.

Also, judging from the outcry in the comments section, I’m not the only one who may be giving up on the consistently negative and vulgar Bossip for good.

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