It was a beat down!

Barack Obama won South Carolina by a ridiculous margin. Oddly enough, after that win Bill Clinton was on my TV in my home state of Missouri, trying to kick his spinning game. But a win’s a win. And that win was a beat down. If there was a demographic, Obama killed on it. The only weakness the pundits on CNN could kibble over was how he was doing among white men.

Along with Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, there were a gaggle of political pundits, including Roland Martin and Amy Holmes. Holmes, a Republican, was fixated on finding out if Hillary Clinton would lose the white male vote. She did. But Obama didn’t win it either. John Edwards did and everyone sort of danced around that, lumping his white males in with the anti-Hillary vote. I don’t think these numbers exist in a vacuum. Historically, it would be difficult for either a black or female candidate to pull the white male vote handily. But then, on the other hand, we’ve never had an election like this before. So it could mean a lot or mean nothing.

And Holmes is an interesting quandary for me. Rumor has it she was (is?) an Independent with liberal, pro-choice leanings and in all likelihood went Republican for the bank. Apparently there’s no fame in being a black liberal pundit as there’s only 20,000 of those. I never really noticed her until the whole Imus debacle and for the first time in a long time the black Republican pundits and the black Democratic pundits held hands, sang kumbaya and shouted, “Fire the bastard.” Amy was among those many black people, who despite the establishment’s best efforts, kept calling for Imus’ head. She’s just so pretty and she seems so smart, but then I remember how she used to work for Bill Frist and when she starts towing the Republican line I sort of want to hurl. So I think I would like her if we met in person, but outside of “nappy-headed-ho-gate,” I don’t think we agree on anything.

Do you think if we promised Amy we could make her the next Oprah, or at least the next Rachel Ray she’d come back from the dark side? Just thinkin …

Also, bummers. My hot, Muhammad Ali-esque Frenchman loss the Australian Open final. As a consolation Jo-Wilfried Tsonga moved up from number 38 in the world to 18 and says he’s knocking on the door of the top 10. I think he can make it. He’s a joy to watch. Incredibly talented. And hot. Klingon forehead and all.

2 thoughts on “It was a beat down!

  1. I find Amy adorable. I just don’t agree with her “questionable viewpoint.”But unlike other Black Republicans I feel like if being a Dem became “hip” we could convert her.

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