It’s gotta be … the shoes?

You know, I respect Michael Jordan’s skills as a baller. I respect his role as a sports icon, trend-setter, underwear pitchman, all-around man about Chicago. I understand that people desire Nike Air Jordans’. Collect them. Hell, back in the 80s and 90s, in the STL you could get shot for some Jordans’. But dude, Jordans’ are some ugly-ass shoes. They were ugly when they debuted. They’re ugly now that they’re on their 23rd edition. I’ll admit, they’re less ugly than others. To me, ugly still. But I know being a shoe snob will not stop the many Nike Air Jordan lovers who froze their asses off to get the very limited edition shoe.

4 thoughts on “It’s gotta be … the shoes?

  1. The shoe is busted, I must say. What’s the deal with the cost anyway? $230…for what? for whom? Some charitable cause, perhaps? Enterpising reduced to glittery overpriced rubber….

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