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The South Carolina Showdown: The Democratic primary in SC is tomorrow, and Obama’s busy doing the racial two-step while trying to keep a 9 point lead ahead of the Clintons. Obama is leading by more than a bit in the SC. Pundits say it’s because, depending on which pundit you ask, all, 60 percent or half of all voters in the Democratic primary are black. Many of those blacks are pledging fidelity to the Obama camp. The Obamas and the Clintons are in the midst of a who’s racist, who’ sexist war because their candidates political stances are too similar. Meanwhile the media has pretty much decided black people are voting for Obama because he’s black like me, just as they’ve surmised that Hillary is getting the female vote just because she has boobs and ovaries. This irritates me to no end as NO ONE ever says people vote for the white guy because he’s the white guy.

Black people and women of all races are capable of making decisions as to what candidate would best help the country and meet their needs. It’s true that blacks and women are enthrall because there is a black and a woman in the race, but they are also practical people. Many women hate Hillary because she’s calculating and manipulative. Many blacks don’t think Obama could win in a general election. Everyone questions their qualifications, although I’ve never figured out how Hillary wins the “experience” debate when the bulk of her experience came from being married the Comeback Kid. I guess if Michelle Obama were a two-term ex-President maybe people wouldn’t question her husband’s skills. Puleaze.

That said, rumor is Bill and Hill are giving up on South Carolina while trying not to appear like they’ve given up on South Carolina. And, of course, they’re still spinning the hell out of everything. John Edwards … hell, I don’t know what John is doing. Trying to remind folks that, dammit, there is a white male southerner in the race with not so subtle comments like, “It doesn’t do any good to nominate a candidate who cannot win in November.” (The comment comes in around 3:08 at the end of the segment.)

These things maybe so, Johnny, but you’re a long way from winning jack crap. Obama’s got the charm. Hillary’s got Bill. What do you have? I like you, but I still can’t get that taste of 2004 defeat out of my mouth when you were shilling the Hey, Hey Mr. Nice guy act. Nothing personal. But I like the fact that you discovered poor people and started talking about them. At least it keeps that discussion going in the race. Perhaps when you run out of money and have to back out, Obama or Clinton will snap up your help the poor platform.

Dennis the Menace: The Liberal Elf and his hot wife are getting out of the Democratic Race. Poor Dennis Kucinich. I actually agreed with you 99.9 percent of the time. That’s how tragically huge of a lefty I am. But I’m still not left enough for Mike Gravel. I know Dennis saw a UFO, but that mofo Mike is crazy.

Pimp My Economy: The government wants to give you $600. What the hell is that supposed to do? Get my Mastercard bill down to $3,000 from $3,600? And where is this money coming from *cough* the Chinese and Saudis *cough, cough* rising deficit *cough*! Smooth move, US government!

Everyone Hates Rudy Guiliani: You know? I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the guy. No, no wait … No I don’t.

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  1. These shenanigans are something tosee aren’t they? it’s amazing how the media “helps” dtermine who is a viable candidate and who isn’t just by not paying any attention to them whatsoever.As for Rudy Giuliani, as a native NYer, I must say he is one of the most vicious, mean spirited person I have ever seen. I have no love or sympathy for that man and I never will.

  2. Heaven forbid the press do anything but point their cameras at people and chant “fight! Fight” all day.As for Mr. 9-11, Guiliani is a heartless bastard. Any man who inspired the term “It’s Guiliani Time” as preface for police brutality cases; fought straw-man wars with art museums and “Squeegie Men”; then put the command center for NYC in the WTC when it was the only building in New York that had been attacked by terrorists has issues.And I’m not going to touch on the trying to move your girlfriend in the Mayor’s house while your wife and kids are living it.I feel like the only thing Guiliani should get to claim is cleaning up Times Square, although I do remember watching “60 Minutes” when he was in the midst of that. During the interview a female NYC writer was asked about Guiliani bringing Disney to Times Square. “Disney?” she said. “I’d rather have the hookers!”But I’ll give him that. Outside of that, he’s the most horrifying person running for president right now. From his megalomania to his totalitarian style to that stupid grin, he’s repugnant. At least, it seems, just enough Republicans find him offensive that they’re voting for either the flip-flopper or the Vet.And how vile do you have to be to have that happen?

  3. yep, charming and astute, but the 70 page economic pla of his i read is kind of disappointing….and the new econ stimulus plan, well all of this is just a short term fix. And truth be told, it has been happening over past 3 decades. Reagan and Clinton have just as much blame as the current administration. This is an interesting perspective on this<A HREF="http://rawdawgb.blogspot.com/2008/01/midas-touch.html“ REL=”nofollow”>(the midas touch)

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