Happy King Day!

I spent the day with my parents arguing over politics. Just another MLK Jr. Day with the Snob family. Debating what states in the south Obama could carry (we’re picking maybe Virginia and Maryland. Is Delaware a southern state?); discussing whether Gov. Huckabee’s visit to Atlanta for King Day was sincere in light of his Confederate flattery in SC; wondering if today’s black celebrities would back the civil rights movement (the answer was YES, if things were the same way they were during the 1960s for black folks famous and not famous — as in, it sucked balls😉 laughing at Bill Clinton nodding off during one of the King Day celebrations he visited; and wondering whether it was a good idea for Obama to say he’s needs to have a chat with Bill Clinton about him distorting his message.

That was an interesting one. I didn’t know whether it was good or bad strategy to directly engage with the possible First Husband. My father voted bad strategy, as he felt Obama’s best chances lay in him staying above the fray. South Carolina’s Rep. Clyburn was on CNN (or was it FOX, I can’t remember) and said he felt ex-President Clinton needed to tone down some of the hollering over Obama as it was … um, annoying and counter-productive. Basically he wanted everyone to play nice. That’s asking a lot when you’re talking about politicians, but I’m sure … on second thought, nah, Bill’s not going to make an effort. It’s nothing but back-handed compliments from here to the convention in August.

That said. While some people celebrated MLK through song, speech or dance, my fellow black St. Louisian’s celebrated the memory of King by booing the mayor during the holiday ceremonies and protesting against him carrying signs saying “Mayor Slay works 4 the KKK.” They tried to get them to calm down, even saying at one point that they were insulting the memory of Dr. King but they booed throughout the whole speech. Reminded me of that time in college where my future soror got booed while singing a gospel song during the “Q-pollo” when were in college. It was just one guy. She dissed East St. Louis in the cafeteria earlier that week. He said he didn’t care if it was a gospel song. She dissed East Saint! “Booo that bitch!


Yeah. I don’t know if you all know, but race relations in St. Louis are bad. They’ve been pretty much this way since the Dred Scott decision.

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