Caucus? Tennis, anyone?

Happy Saturday, folks!

Caucuses to the left of me. Tennis to the right!

The Australian Open is going on right now and has been keeping me busy as I have to keep an eye on my girls, the Williams sisters, and my boy, James Blake.

Mmmm. James Blake.

James managed to pull himself out of a down two set hole last night to beat France’s Sebastien Grosjean in five sets. Blake’s the top seeded American male in the hunt. He beat Grosjean for the very first time. And if my memory serves correctly, that was only the second time in his career he’s come back from being down two sets. He first pulled that off during … um, was it the US Open or Wimbelton? I think it was last year’s US Open.

Doesn’t matter. He won. I’m pleased.

I’m also pleased that Serena Williams, despite much ballyhooed heart-ache (which she has written about on her blog) is playing well. She’s focused, calm and dialed in, the way I like to see her play. She seems determined to retain her title, as the Australian Open was where she had her big comeback last year.

As for what’s breakin’ her heart, God only knows. She was nice n’ vague on that blog, but commentators have had fun speculating. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was some white guy. I’m almost positive her last boyfriend was a white guy. After that, that’s all I have. Here, read through some lines yourself.

From Serena’s Official site, emphasis all mine:

Last fall around October a big change happened in my life. I decided to make sure that tennis was most important in my life next to GOD and my family, and while I was doing that I decided to rid myself of relationships that could stop me from reaching the main goal which is being the best. I did not want anything to stand in my way of doing what I do best which is playing tennis. With that being said I went to Europe as my fans out there would know and played 4 tournaments this fall. This is more than I have played in the fall in the past 5 years!!!

Well I ended up reaching number 5 which was so cool before I fell again to number 7 (damit) and I had tons of fun doing it. But the turning point happened when I was on a plane coming back from Paris. I was thinking “did I make the right decision?” Was I right with riding myself of certain relationships?” I began to become scared and I was worried that I had made a mistake.

Now tell me what that means pundits! I’ll tell you. It means absolutely nothing. She could be talking about a close friend or getting rid of a fluffy cat who constantly peed on the carpet for all I know. But, sure, it could be some dude. Why not?

Venus is also doing well. Battling through the third round, beating India’s Sania Mirza. And rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, whom I also like, are also in the hunt on the men’s side. Federer, like Blake, also had to pull a win in five sets magically out of his ass. But being Federer, he managed. Blake, in my opinion, is just as gifted physically, possibly even more so in some ways, than Federer and Nadal. But Blake would still struggle against either of them, because Blake goes through cold and hot streaks, and can sometimes have his confidence shattered. Federer, on the other hand, is practically a tennis playing cyborg. His win streak is insane and he’s duking it out with golf cyborg Tiger Woods for the World’s Greatest Solo Athlete.

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