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“Perfect hair” Mitt Romney won Nevada for the Republican caucus. Not surprising since he was the only guy campaign there and the state is chock full of Mormons.

I kind of feel bad for him because he and I both know that he looks like a president straight out of central casting, yet he’s overwhelmingly unpopular with a segment of the electorate. I mean, look at him. He should be starring in a presidential drama on ABC tonight. He knows that if it weren’t for the fact that he’s Mormon and a centrist in a hardcore Republican, Christian fundamentalist race, Republicans would love him to death. He’s a free trade capitalist with Libertarian under-pinnings and executive experience. That used to be political gold.

But even if he weren’t a Mormon he’d still have to deal with the flip flopping that makes him look like an political ideology whore. I mean, they accused John Kerry of flip-flopping but Romney likes tri-political. He’ll try anything. He take it both ways. He’s bi-curious in the world of political discourse. Changing his affiliations in which ever direction the political winds are blowing. Enjoy the win while it lasts.

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