Appeasing the bigots of South Carolina one bigot at a time …

From courting the bigots of South Carolina to pandering to Spanish speaking immigrants in Nevada, the candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, have been wheeling and dealing as fast as their little mouths will let them.

A matter of fact, Republican Mike Huckabee’s bigot pandering was flying with such a fury I was actually sending waves of hate towards him for bringing up the ugly SC state house Confederate flag fight of (what?) SEVEN YEARS AGO, you know, to appease the bigots who pretend they don’t see the difference between “our way of life” and “our way of life with slaves.” Hell, they didn’t toss the rebel flag up there until the 1960s when the uppity Negras had the GALL to claim they had some sort of “human rights.” How dare they! There was a time black folks new their place … in the back!

So, I was mightily displeased when Huckabee brought up this hard fought, divisive battle by saying he didn’t think anyone should be able to tell any state what flag they should and should not fly. While most TV and mainstream journalists have given only cursory coverage to Mike Huckabee’s unabashed courting of the most extreme wing of the Republican party, liberal news magazine The Nation is kicking down the doors of racism and taking names.

He is, as well, a proud Confederate fundamentalist who wants there to be no doubt about his commitment to preserving the ugly symbols of slavery’s defense.

Huckabee has in recent days been gleefully proposing a violent response to any “outsider” who might suggest that it is time to haul down the flag of treason that was flown by southern extremists who went to war against the United States in order to preserve the practice of human bondage.

Again and again on the campaign trail in South Carolina, the state that led the south into rebellion against the Union, Huckabee has gone out of his way to discuss and defend the “right” of southerners to fly the Confederate flag in official settings.

“You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag,” the former governor of Arkansas told a crowd in Myrtle Beach, where he was campaigning in advance of the state’s Republican primary on Saturday. “In fact, if somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole, that’s what we’d do.”

I get it dude. You’re trying to recruit the same bigots who hated John McCain back in 2000 for saying the Confederate flag shouldn’t be waving on the capitol building. But aren’t you the same Mike Huckabee who was going on and on about inclusiveness and tolerance a few weeks ago? Who was one of the few Republicans who went to the debate hosted by Tavis Smiley with all the black folks in the audience and milked those good times for all it was worth? Who claims he got the majority of the black vote during one of his elections to Arkansas governor? (This claim I’ve always found most dubious, but no one ever investigates to see if he can back it up.) Former staunch segregationist, bigot, long-time senator, father of an illegitimate black child, former Dixicrat and dead South Carolinian Strom Thurmond could have come up with better coded language than Huckabee to keep the bigots appeased without anyone noticing.

Of course Ol’ Strom, the asshole that would not die (until he finally did at 100 in 2003) used overt racism too.

He liked to mix it up.

But The Nation spares nothing, even spitting in the eye of the press for glossing over Huckabee’s less than savory parts and focusing solely on his Chuck Norris-loving “aw shucks!” cornballisms.

Exactly when are political reporters going to acknowledge that the candidate they have presented to America as a charming, good-humored “nice guy” is running a “southern-strategy” campaign so extreme in its sensibilities, themes and language that it would have embarrassed George Wallace?

I know most politicians are pander bears, but seriously, bigot pandering? That’s low. Stick to bringing up Jesus every five seconds.

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