And the “Not helping!” award goes to … this guy!

BET founder Bob Johnson*, who decided to be among the growing line of black people who, in hindsight, sounded like a good idea to defend Hillary Clinton, but backfired miserably. A la Andy Young’s “(Bill Clinton) probably went with more black women” than Obama statement.’s Trailhead blogger Christopher Beam pointed out that Johnson’s statements negated Clinton’s case that she was being misrepresented by the Obama campaign.

It’s just sad that Johnson’s original point—that to impugn the Clintons’ dedication to the black community is insulting—became an insult itself: An insult to our intelligence.

Jack and Jill Politics also followed suite, scratching their heads as why would the Clintons let the man responsible for BET speak on their behalf.

Yeah, dude. Not helping!

* But then, one can argue that for Black Americans, Bob Johnson stopped helping after he turned BET is a soft core porn/minstrel show bookended by gospel programing on Sundays, then flipped it for a profit to Viacom which somehow managed to make something already crappy worse.

4 thoughts on “And the “Not helping!” award goes to … this guy!

  1. Dear BS,Where can I order my “I Hate Bob Johnson” t-shirt?Instead of our normal design, we have decided to make that this year’s “official” family reunion t-shirt.Yours truly,All the black folks on Earth.

  2. BS-I wonder if anyone’s done a piece on Bob Johnson’s involvement with BET, how he felt and feels about its role in black American culture, and what he did (and didn’t do) to shape it.I think that’d be really, really interesting…

  3. I am with the blue…I want my “I Hate Bob Johnson” t-shirt too. I also want a “I hate BET post Viacom – Long Live Donnie Simpson” t-shirt as well! 🙂 XOXO

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