And the endorsements keep rolling in …

News coming out of my state from The Post-Dispatch: Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is jumping the Obamamania bandwagon.

Apparently the Obama campaign was courting her attention and even though she’d tried to stay neutral she just couldn’t say no. She’s got the FEVER!

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

McCaskill had intended to stay neutral in the race, keeping mum on her preference because, she said, she has to work with both front-runners, Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, in the Senate.

But she abandoned her neutrality after an intense lobbying effort by Obama’s campaign. And her decision is not all that surprising. McCaskill has offered up praise of Obama, who campaigned for her in her 2006 Senate bid.

And the maverick McCaskill has also long been drawn to Obama’s pitch about rising above the partisanship that has gripped Washington.

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