When Egomaniacs Fall In Love …

My sister, sister-of-black-snob, or SOBS, decided to share with me the horror that was the private island terror fortress wedding of the year. The marriage of Norbit and that girl from that was supposed to be in the Babyface video “My Kind of Girl” but got a cold and couldn’t be in the video but still made out pretty good by marrying Babyface.

Eddie Murphy, he’s been nuts for a long time now, so no big. But I don’t know what to make of Tracie Edmonds. After she and Babyface split I figured she’d just pull herself a Kimora Lee Simmons and just hype her movie production company to no end, write a book and get a reality show. You know, the sort of respectable thing former wives of rich men do nowadays.

But no. She had to marry Eddie Murphy, the guy with the ex-wife he treated like a baby making machine and father to the bastard child of Scary Spice of the horrid Spice Girls. Hence forcing me to have choose “Team Scary Spice” in the “who’s the daddy” fight she had with Murphy. She managed to flip that into a gig on “Dancing with the Stars.” Yeah! Everyone (NOT)wins!

Anyway, I guess this is only mildly embarrassing to black folks. Heck, it ended in a wedding. Who said black folks don’t get married? And this, unlike Norbit, wasn’t a sin against God. So congratulations on your fake marriage Eddie and Tracie! May you be blessed with many egomanictical returns.

4 thoughts on “When Egomaniacs Fall In Love …

  1. Dear BS –I’m appalled. I feel like you went a little too easy on this abomi-union. One of the most unfairly underreported and rarely talked about happenings in the arena of Negro entertainers and the quasi-lives they lead is the steep, fast decline of Eddie Murphy, former hero. Remember when Eddie Murphy was Chris Rock before he was Cuba Gooding Jr? Man those were the days. I don’t blame Ms. Edmonds one bit. (Note the use of “Ms.” rather than “Mrs.” It seems to me that by the time I finish this comment they’ll likely be just finishing up divorce proceedings, so why bother). I think she actually is taking your advice and continuing her career — how many more seconds do you think it’ll be before these two announce their intention to do an awful reality series “The Murphys.” (I’d love to sit in on that TV bidding war featuring execs from E, Lifetime, Bravo, and the Cartoon Network).And does anyone care that Edmonds went from being potentially serenaded by one of the great, distinctive voices of modern pop music to the guy who sang (swallow) Party All the Time? Has there ever been a development like this in all of American Pop history? My guess is no. My other guess is that the moment these two find themselves in front of some uber-expensive looking fireplace and the mood is set up perfectly for a little singin….and he obliges….she’ll be calling up “the face” and asking with extreme desperation: “When Can I See You Again?”

  2. I know, I could have smacked them around any more, but I used up all my mad when Tracie left Babyface and when Eddie made “The Klumps.”I really couldn’t figure how any sane woman could leave a man who sang “I’ll pay you rent, I’ll buy you clothes and I’ll cook your dinner too, soon as I get home from work.” I mean, she left Babyface. That does not compute. Especially since Eddie is a piss poor upgrade.And speaking of Eddie, he was lost to Hollywood brain rot so long ago that I literally feel nothing for him at all. It’s hard for me to muster up outrage any more. He made “Norbit.” And it came out right after “Dreamgirls.” He helped proliferate the black men in fat suits as women trend. He got busted with that tranny, then sort of spoofed that in “Bowfinger” (a movie I actually liked despite the fact it was post-fat suit since Murphy does have a talent for disappearing into characters so well.)I’ve pretty much disassociated him from the same Eddie who made “Coming to America,” “Harlem Nights” and “Boomerang,” all movies I love.But yeah, Eddie is in Cuba territory. And it looks like Will Smith is making that final sprint to negro fraudulence.Run, run! Run to obscurity!

  3. Dude I cannot believe you made me the perpetrator of CRAP! I will make sure to send you Taye Diggs. Too bad I don’t still have that one After They Were Stars picture I sent to you with Tevin Campbell, KC, and Al B. :)LoveXOXO

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