The one where I complain about “Grey’s Anatomy”

Apologies beforehand to anyone who doesn’t watch Grey’s … please, just look away. Read something about Barack Obama or Bill O’Reilly, or something.

One. I miss Isaiah Washington. There. I said it.

Two. What the hell with last night’s episode?

Three. Why does (Grey’s creator) Shonda Rhimes hate women?

Four. Can we get a hot black doctor on the show, male or female, if you choose to never un-fire Isaiah Washington?

That said, here is a clip of me going nuts over Patrick Dempsey’s character Derek trying to push his commitment-phobic, damaged underling lover, Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey, to emotionally invest in his surprise dream house. All a ploy to force her into marriage or force them into breaking up so he can bang some scrub nurse named Rose, who he’s been kissing on the side.

The original post (with all the errors) is in the forums at Television Without Pity, still a great site even though it’s now owned by “The Man.” Well, actually that’s more like the gay man … but you get my point.

(S)eriously, how insecure are you that you hide a house from your girlfriend, the commitment phobe?

Did he think she’d magically be cured if he just went through all the rigmarole then threw it at her shouting “boo!” Psychological healing has no time table. You think, as a doctor, he’d be aware of this. I just can’t get over this. A SURPRISE HOUSE! Really? That’s almost up there with throwing a surprise party for your loved one and it turns out to be, surprise, your wedding. And … he hasn’t even proposed you. He’s just invited all your friends and family and a preacher to your house for a surprise wedding. Why don’t you like the surprise wedding? Why are you looking for exits? Why won’t you love me? YOU CHOKE ON MY LOVE AND SAY YOU LIKE IT!

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