Day old news: Tiger Woods … “lynching” … suspension


Yesterday I learned about the whole boondoggle involving the Golf Channel’s anchor Kelly Tilghman using … err … what amounted to some unfortunate phrasing on how superhuman not-black-black person Tiger Woods’ rivals should deal with him.


They were discussing what makes Tiger Woods so good and so dominant in the sport of golf; and how it must get increasingly frustrating for other golfers who have to compete against Woods.


That’s when Tilghman suggested one way for young players to deal with Woods would be to “lynch him in a back alley.”

Now, while I agree that the term “lynching” in reference to any black person, whether actual black or not-black-black, is egregious, I also don’t think its worthy of Al Sharpton’s wrath. We need to keep things in perspective here. Fuzzy Zoeller’s fried chicken n’ greens crack at the Masters = racist. Don Imus’ “nappy headed hoes” comment = sexist, ignorant and racist. Bill O’Reilly’s “mfer ice tea” explanation of how all black folks are, in fact, NOT savages = pathetic and ignorant. White chick just sort of rambling off the top her head, using lynching because she, like most white people, probably does not think of black folks on a regular basis, thus isn’t tuned in to the large variety of things that become highly offensive when you associate them with a black person = stupid.


She’s just stupid people. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.



2 thoughts on “Day old news: Tiger Woods … “lynching” … suspension

  1. JASON WHITLOCK (ESPN): “Do I think Tilghman is some bigot extremist? No. I think she’s incredibly stupid and perhaps unqualified for her job. She’s in good mixed company in that category. Should she be fired? No. She made a mistake, apologized to Woods privately and publicly and should be granted the opportunity to rebound. We all make mistakes.What should we make of Tiger Woods’ decision to avoid dealing with this controversy publicly and personally? We, the media, make it too costly for public figures to express their honest feelings. We can’t handle the truth. Tiger is best served saying as little as possible.”

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