Oh thank God, New things to watch on the TV

The writer’s strike has been brutal on the Snob. No hot, emotionally inappropriate doctors on the TV. No Jon Stewart. No hot cons who can’t be bothered to button their shirts on the run.

But my drought is over, starting tonight.

Finally being released after the networks held many new episodes back because of the strike are new episodes of “Prison Break,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Ugly Betty” and the season premiere of my favorite psychic crime show, “Medium.” “Prison Break” was actually getting hella crappy before it went on hiatus (the show is kind of stuck in one-off idea hell and I’m tired of watching Wentworth Miller’s character being tortured.) But I’ll be happy to see some ends get tied up. “Grey’s Anatomy” was getting better before it went on hiatus. Although, I still miss Isaiah Washington’s character Burke, but I know it would be like a one, maybe two person protest to get him back on the show after dropping the other F-bomb twice in regards to a homosexual cast member.

It was uncalled for. I know. But I have loved him since I saw him “Get on the Bus” and “Mixing Nia.” I can’t let go! No Isaiah is like no Jesse L. Martin on “Law & Order” and GAWD do I love some Jesse L. Martin. But I’m working on it. I’m dealing with the whole Isaiah getting un-hired thing. It’s just been a slow process since I refuse to watch “Bionic Woman” even though Isaiah is in it. I mean, seriously NBC, “Bionic Woman”? And now they’re bringing back not just “Knight Rider” but “American Gladiators” as well.

Why not ask Lucy Lawless if she can still fit in her battle suit from “Xena: Warrior Princess?” I’d rather watch that than a remake of that Dave Hasselhoff show that I recall enjoying when I was eight. I also liked to eat chopped up bits of hot dog in a bowl with sweet pickles. What I’m saying is, the Snob’s taste left some to be desired back then.

Anyway, “Medium” is back tonight on NBC. Wentworth and the gang of cons on “Prison Break” will return a week later on Jan.14 at 7 pm. It will be followed by something called “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.” I will probably, against my better judgment, watch it, as I love sci-fi and love the Terminator films (even the last one which was, eh, tamer than I would have liked).

“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ugly Betty” will be back this week on Thursday. And Comedy Central has put a gun to the heads of Jon Stewart’s staffers at the Daily Show, so he will be back tonight trying desperately to pull a show out of his ass.

Ah … Must see TV.

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