Obama raises the dead!

***Warning. Optimism alert. The Snob is smitten with the politics of “hope”***

The lame can walk! The blind can see and a BLACK MAN can win the Iowa caucuses! Black people of the world drop your dispair and cynicism and rejoice is our five minutes of glory and how it can last five minutes longer.

As a black snob I’m typically a cynic on all things political. Raised by parents from the deep south who grew up under Jim Crow and then being raised, myself, in the racially bitter and divided city of St. Louis.

As a black person, I’m used to the second-class citizen status. The nasty sting of racism. The one thing I always envied about most white Americans is the fact that they can fully love and believe in America and what this country stands for. It is hard to be a blindly devoted patriot when over and over again the dream that is America is often denied to us.

I don’t want to love Obama, because I’m just too afraid to get my heart broken, but as FDR said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Even if he doesn’t become the nominee I will support him. I think this is a moment for history, a moment that I can finally be a non-cynical “true believer” in this campaign. I can finally vote FOR a candidate rather than against. I’ve never voted “for” anyone. Only against the Republican party.

I just can’t be cynical about this. I CAN’T. Obamamania has temporary cured my bitchy bone. I watched last night’s coverage on TV and God, looking at Barack, Michelle and those two little girls. That family just glows. They radiate. How can you not want that? How can we, as black people, fight that? That shot after he won Iowa, on the stage with his family, being what black people have always aspired to be. To be our best and then try to pull one better. God, they were just so gorgeous. They were so beautiful.

But I’m going to force myself to be realistic about the much longer road Obama has ahead and wincing at the thought of how the attacks will only get worse as the campaign wears on. And if he becomes the Democratic nominee, the Republicans and the “southern strategy” will go where Bill and Hillary won’t go on Obama out of fear of a black backlash. It will be slash and burn time. Voter turn out suppression time. Nigger time — even though the Republican nominee won’t “directly” be involved in the attacks. I dread the fact that if Obama wasn’t a target of enough racist nut jobs already, he’s a walking bullseye.

Basically, the Black Snob is asking Jesus to take the wheel and not alone some cruel, heartless bastard to murder the hope of a the bastard children of the American Revolution, the perpetual underdogs, the permanent under class, the decedents of the stolen people who are brought to America to work and entertain, not be power brokers in the system.

But if we can get CBS to fire Don Imus (and I was mildly impressed to see black Republicans and black Democrats to unite under the “that could have been me” banner and beat the hell out of CBS prez Les Moonves until he let Imus go) we can get Obama to the nomination. For once, this snob is going to through caution in the wind and actually love a politician. Believe in a politician. I might get my heart broken in the end, but for the future of black folks in America, it’s worth it. Just so my almost 80-year-old grandmother who survived the Great Depression, remembers her father telling the story of how his family escaped from slavery in Mississippi to freedom in Arkansas, can see it. To see how she went from nine kids and a four room shack as a sharecropper, to owning her own home, she and my grandpa built from the ground up. To see her first born, my mother, go off to college, become a school teacher, marry my father and see use grow as a family and succeed. To see that change. To actually see things getting better and to now see this.

I swear. If Obama pulls it off, it will finally be true. And even if he doesn’t, it will still reaffirm. Sky’s the limit. I will cry tears and rejoice and finally, even with all the problems black folks still have to overcome …

We really can be anything, do anything. The American dream is real.

3 thoughts on “Obama raises the dead!

  1. Black Snob, I sincerely hope that your wishes come true. I’m a cynic as well when it comes to politics and I remain optomistically cautious about Obama. He seems to be a good person w/a lovely family. Let’s hope that America finally lives up to Dr. King’s “Dream”.

  2. I just think it would be AMAZING. I’m worried about how ugly it will get the longer he stays in this. Every time he’s speaking to a packed crowd I think of Bobby Kennedy and I hope to God, for the sake of his kids, he doesn’t get himself shot.

  3. It would be amazing. It truly would. I don’t know what I’d do w/myself if he won, I’d be so damn stunned. If America wants to truly silence me, elect Barack Obama President.I don’t even want to think about Bobby Kennedy. If anything happened to Obama, it will get extremely ugly in this country

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