Barack Obama raises the dead, part deaux

Man, oh man, 2007 was rough on the Black Snob. Taye Diggs’ new show was semi-successful, making me happy for the beautiful woman playing his ex on the show, yet making me annoyed that Taye Diggs was still on my TV. Then the writer’s strike happened. MY GOD, studios! Cave in already! Jon Stewart needs his writers! I need my Grey’s Anatomy! Prison Break, sweet Jesus! I need my hot cons who can barely keep their shirts buttoned trying to break out of prisons.

On top of that the Snob got a new job that kept her super busy and now the Snob hates the job and is on the hunt for a new one.

Anyone looking for a used entertainment reporter? Have snark, will travel.

But seriously, I was in such a funk this fall for a variety of reasons. But the Obama won the Iowa caucus and suddenly and I had the will to blog again. Barack Obama has brought my blog back to life!

I’ve been baptized in the spirit of “hey, why NOT the black guy! Yeah! I’m gonna go out on that limb. Who wants to come with me!”

Who wants to believe? Man, I sure want to. Believing looks like crazy good fun.

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