Finally, something to distract me from non-stop misery and war coverage

First “Prison Break” and now my precious “Ugly Betty” and “Grey’s Anatomy” have returned to me. Non-stereotypical Black people on TV night! The only thing that would have made this night more perfect would have been if Isaiah Washington had not gotten himself un-hired over the summer at “Grey’s Anatomy” then spent the summer telling everyone and their grandmother, “but that wasn’t what I said what I really meant the time when I indirectly called that dude the F bomb. Really. I didn’t know.”

And I was going to make that man “Mr. Snob.” Now he’s somewhere in the Playskool toy box with Malibu Ken, Rub-A-Dub Doggie and my #1 crush of 1991 – Tevin Campbell.

We’ll always have “Mixing Nia.”

That said. All sorts of blactresses and blactors are on TV this fall. Even Isaiah. Although I don’t know when he’s supposed to pop up on NBC’s “Bionic Woman” remake. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to watch everything that has a black actor in a prominent role this season. And since that pretty much comprises of, like, five or six shows — three that I already watch — it shouldn’t be too hard.

I couldn’t pull off the feat this week because Ken Burns’ WWII documentary, “The War” has been eating up two hours of my TV viewing time every night. I keep having Jim Crow flashbacks while watching it, which is remarkable since I never lived through Jim Crow. As much as I’m digging the documentary (I’m also a history snob) I almost have a brain aneurysm whenever Keith David narrates how some military general/businessman/jackass is adamant that black people can’t serve-in-combat/work-in-factory/breathe-same-air as a white man. Mind you, they’re doing all this bitching when Hitler’s ubermensches are destroying Europe, brutalizing Russia and tossing Jews in ovens. Oh, and the Japanese are taking over the Pacific, holding Americans in death/slave labor camps and thousands of Americans are dying in battle because in the first couple of years of the war America didn’t know what the hell it was doing so the average soldier had to learn how to kill while he was getting blown up.

You know … fun stuff.

So, the world’s about to fucking end, you’re dying on a battlefield and you’re like, “No, no, darkie! I’ll just stay here and get killed.”

Really? When Hitler is kicking the shit out of you, you STILL care if it’s the black man who comes to save your ass? Seriously???


That said, celebrate former Miss America, Grammy-winning recording artist and NBA spouse survivor Vanessa Williams receiving a regular paycheck by watching “Ugly Betty” tonight.

More on employed black people on TV this fall after I get a good look at all of them.

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