Incognegro Part III: Wentworth Miller

Actor. Nerd. English major. Korean fashion superstar. Ivy league man. Star of TV’s “Prison Break.”

That’s my oddly sexy, raspy-voiced, thin as a rail, look like a white guy while not actually being a white guy, Wentworth Miller.

I didn’t discover Miller until I read the initial press on “Prison Break” when it debuted in 2005 on Fox and even then I didn’t pay much attention to him. I mean, the whole concept of “Prison Break” was ludicrous and, dude, Brett Ratner was the producer. I mean, Brett “I love Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan and, oh, by the way I’m a hack movie director ” Ratner. I wasn’t taking it seriously, then, in one of my more obsessive movie watching weekends I rented the film that was supposed to put Wentworth Miller on the map – The Human Stain.

It was one of those flicks that was supposed to be an Oscar contender but just turned out to be uneven and too flat to make it out the gate. Sure it starred Sir Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman, but all most people could talk about at the time was how could Hopkins play an American black man passing for white when he was white British man. I always thought this was a little silly, as to pass for white you DO have to actually look like a white person. And if you’re trying to give your movie Oscar buzz the director isn’t going to cast the 60+ year old lead with some largely unknown biracial actor OR with a known black actor who is light, but would never pass for a white person (a la James Earl Jones.) So … pointless argument. The real argument was despite everyone’s efforts — and MAN was everyone trying hard in that movie — it was just an uneven film.

But it had one bright spot.

The guy playing the young version of Anthony Hopkins. As, not only could he act he had a sort of quiet anger, a smoldering lethality of edgy, intelligent sexiness. And he was pretty. Pretty like a woman. Like Prince.

Not that I’m into that sort of thing.

Anyway. He charmed me off the screen and he had the ridiculous name of “Wentworth.” And I could remember reading about the film in 2003 and how Wentworth was half black, although interviewers repeatedly kept assuming he was white and beating him down with the race questions they’d been smacking Hopkins up with.

After watching him charm the pants off Jacinda Bartlett in “The Human Stain” I was a fan. And when I learned he was a nerd my fan heart only beat stronger. And then I watched “Prison Break,” which delightfully was the direct opposite of sucking.

Nicely played, Ratner. Nicely played.

As a celebrity, Miller plays the unaware act, pretending to not acknowledge that he’s gorgeous and he dresses like crap when he’s not posing in fashion ads. He makes a great effort (or perhaps not) to sound utterly boring and never manages to get wasted or pull a classic Robert Downy Jr. in public.
I’m amongst Wentworth Miller’s large, kind of psycho fan base that’s a nice mix of women between the ages of 16 and 60, Koreans and gay men. Of his fan base there’s a segment of those two groups (but largely consisting of the gay man group) who partake in constant Miller sexual orientation speculation. Miller has repeatedly said he is not gay. Reams of sexual orientation speculators say otherwise.

I, personally, don’t give a rat’s ass. I’m a fan of Wentworth the actor. As in, “Wentworth, the Not-Black-Black-Man Fantasy Set Piece.” I only want to know the most superficial things about an actor. Like, where are you from? Are you a not-black-black person? Will you be making any films where your love interest is one of black America’s many attractive, underemployed black and not-black-black-actresses? Like I don’t know shit about Allen Payne and I’m rapturously in love with Allen (but I’m still not watching that show.) But in my head he is forever 1/2 his character from “CB4” and 1/2 Jason from “Jason’s Lyric” and in my mind, him and Jada Pinkett, aka “Lyric” are somewhere in far, far from the fifth ward with, like, kids and stuff. All happy black family, all the time.

But you get my point. I don’t care what Wentworth’s sexual orientation is. But, if he is gay, for the record, I think he and Anderson Cooper would make a cute couple. Anderson allegedly likes his men with a little black in them. They both went to Ivy League schools. Anderson’s a better dresser, but Wentworth looks like a skinny fashion model. They’re both intense, private, weird little nerd people. I think we should fix them up.
But if I you are gay and I see you with someone horrifying, like say Taye Diggs or Perez Hilton, we’re going to have some issues. (I know you’d never date Perez, Went. But I had to think of someone as equally irritating to me as Taye. Eeeew, Taye.) That said, if you’r
e not gay, surprise me and date a black woman. You know, just for shits and giggles. Don’t do me like Tiger Woods.

They just all had to be blondes, huh, Tiger? That’s OK. That’s cool. Congratulations on the daughter that you strangely named Sam, not Samantha, but Sam. She’s very cute.

13 thoughts on “Incognegro Part III: Wentworth Miller

  1. I’m amongst Wentworth Miller’s large, kind of psycho fan base that’s a nice mix of women between the ages of 16 and 60, Koreans and gay men.And I’m amongst Anderson Cooper’s large, kind of psycho fan base. AC and Wentworth would make a wonderful looking couple, if only they’d both admit to actually being gay. ‘Cos I know they want to.

  2. Wentworth Miller..I just love his Ivy League degree and eloquent speech! It’s your fault, Black Snob, that I am intrigued and captivated by Mr. Miller..Love the Incognegro, can’t wait to read the next one. AC…not even going to say it cause the Black Snob knows how I feel :)Love you bunches!

  3. Lovin Wentworth. As always, the Black snob provides entertaining and most often true writing. Thanks!

  4. If he isn’t gay, can someone please turn his attention to me? I am one of his fans. I wouldn’t say psycho, but I’ve loved him ever since he played Gage on Buffy th Vampire Slayer. -G

  5. I think he is brilliant. He is definitely one of us who I can’t get mad at for not being in allegiance in an outwardly manner because I have read that he never denies he is Black. That is pretty cool.But I watch him for his talent and his hots. Ain’t gonna lie ’bout it!I’m proud of lovin’ him. He has essence.

  6. It’s great that he does not deny that he is black. I respect him much much more, thus making me a bigger fan that I was before. I knew he was black, because of the racial mixing within my own family. Some of us are mistaken for either white or Spanish. I embrace the black side of my family because they are so strong and secure and such wonderful and inspirational leaders.

  7. I believe that black or not, he is Gorgeous man, and smart to boot. My husband is thirty 6" I would now dump him and go look for Went" in a Heart Beat. I too belong in that fan base I love his acting not only is it belivable but he seems like a good actor I just hope He doesnt end up like Dean Cain.. the Superman character that played in the early 90’s along side Teri Hatcher. I was enamored with him and so was America and then he tried his hand and big screen acting and made him Play a gay guy… He did play with Denzel in One movie " Ithink it was in to the sunset" but After those movies he crashed.. He is also Bi- racial.. His real name is DEAN TANAKA and He is half Japanese. So Caucasian and Asian.

  8. Wentworth gave me pause when I found his name in the credits of "Prison Break," but I noticed his acting long before I knew his name, and he’s perfect for the determined structural engineer genius-type nerd that has the blueprints of the prison tattoo’d on his body, hidden among demons & angels on his arms & torso… just to save his brother that has his own questionable motives.and past actions He’s a perfect flead for "Michael Scofield." Whether he’s black, white, yellow, green, brown, or chartreusse, I don’t care. His acting is well-played, he’s nice to look at at (especially liking the widow’s peak), and he fits right into the cast chosen for the show. I’ll continue searching for any movies or TV spots he’s been in. But I say, "Break a Leg, buddy. You’ve earned every penny."

  9. Having a speck of black does not make you black as much as white. He does not look like he has black in him. Genetically if one gene keeps reducing, then it becomes none exsistant. He even has Arab blood in him. Good example of the universe

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