Sorry for the lack of blogging!

My computer went on the fritz for nearly a week then work decided to get all nutty. I promise, PROMISE! Exciting entries about black leadership, horrendous music, whether my not-black-black-fantasy man is really a stark, raving homosexual and how that really doesn’t mean much to me as, dude, he’s an actor and I’m a clinically depressed, perpetually cranky black woman livin’ it up in the so-called “fly over country,” it ain’t that serious. I also plan to write about the new Kanye West album (I’m conflicted on it) and the sorry state of black music in general. As in BET has to die. Seriously. I’d just rather not see black people on TV than see that trash. I mean, Hell Date? Really? Why is it that everything on BET sounds like something from an “In Living Color” skit back in ’94. Speaking of ’94, the mid-90s? They’re making a comeback! Hillary Clinton, health care reform, OJ Simpson, really ugly, colorful clothes. It’s all coming back!

Oh and something on Whoopi and Sherri Shepard. But I don’t know what I’m going to write yet. Gotta go! I’ll be back soon!

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