Katrina two years later …

… And it still makes me cry. It was so hard to watch people and see the faces of my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and friends. When ever I think about it too hard it makes me so angry I could shake. I know that pain isn’t indifferent towards the poor or the black. And my father has told me time and time again that if I get mad over the plight of blacks in America I will be mad everyday of my life.

But some days are harder to block out the noise than others. I’m a cynic, but I never wanted to become so hardened to think that my government would sit and do nothing while people died. W. can compartmentalize it anyway he wants, whatever way it takes so he can sleep ever so soundly at night. It must be nice to be largely unaffected by the suffering of others. It was the cruel indifference of people like Bush who poured acid into the wounds that God’s nature wrought. These are the kind of succubae who don’t really see the American people as people, but merely points on a graph where the end game is how “history” judges your legacy.

Who cares about the opinions of those who have to survive under the reign of the boy king? But maybe this was the goal all along. So many Republicans profess to dislike government. Perhaps Katrina was the ultimate extension of it, the contempt towards the notion that somehow the federal government should be held accountable in an “every-man-for-himself,” capitalist driven society. Bush believed government needed to be out of our lives. I’m sure he thinks he did the people of the Gulf Coast a favor. For if you ever believed that government did not work, this was the administration to meet that challenge and raise you one or two natural disasters.

Good luck, New Orleans. I’m glad I got to see you years ago when you were still completely you. Sometime it amazes me that this America is the same America that went from isolationist former British colony to victors of fascism and Nazi Germany. The same America that managed to stay together after a bloody civil war. The same that put a man on the moon and beat the Russians in that game of chess known as the Cold War. The same that voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when they knew they were dooming the south for Democrats for decades to come.

Our government was never perfect, but it got things right some of the time. How can one administration get so many things so wrong so often? We are a nation being led by fools who saw the world stage as a game they could arrange in their favor. Yet, they didn’t even have the follow through to even execute their takeover with even a decorum of precision. When people compare Bush n’ Co. to the Nazis I always tell people that’s really insulting to the Nazis. The Nazis were devils in the details. They managed to exterminate more than 6 million Jewish people while the world sat around twiddling their thumbs. The Nazis took power, held power then launched a successful campaign to siege Europe. Real Nazis are terrifying because they’re cold, efficient and execute everything to the fullest. And they were, of all things, competent. They were not an easy foe. Millions of lives across Europe and thousands of Americans are still buried in France from the invasion. The Nazis set the world on fire then were destroyed by their own ambition.

The Bushies are not Nazis. Don’t insult the evil that was the Nazis with the comparisons. The Bush Administration is more like a drunk driver hitting people indiscriminately along the highway, trying to make their way to Crawford, TX from D.C. but they forgot the road map and didn’t bring along enough money for gas, so they keep hitting up a Chinese loan shark to float him the cash because “you know I’m good for it.” I mean, drunks are always making plans, but then not following through. Lashing out at little to no provocation. Just being irrational. George just took us on a six-and-a-half year bender and Katrina was just that one time he drunkenly mowed down a family of four as they were staring at the wreckage of their water-logged, wind-damaged home the insurance was unwilling to pay.

I just can never say it enough, but when I think of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when I think of Katrina and the governor of Missouri worrying more about “activist judges” than how he messed up people’s Medicare I just want to scream, “a pox. A pox on both your houses.”

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  1. I’m still amazed at how Bush’s hostile takeover of The White House happened in the first place. The fact that the state where his brother was governor messed everything up was not surprising. The only good part about his re-election in 2004 was that he could never be president again, unless he decided to do something to the Constitution that’d let him serve more terms, like he allowed the government to spy on American citizens to curb terrorist activities. Also, the astonomical amount of money he’s willing to spend on this war, in a country that doesn’t want us, as opposed to using it to rebuild New Orleans, which still looks like a third world is just beyond me and words.

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