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Lean In. Lean Out. Stand. Sit. Run. Rest. (Guest Post)

By Lynne Adrine

Girlfriends.  All friends. Help a sister out. My rant for today.

I have been reading, with rising levels of discomfort, all the recent entries into the feminist/corporate/capitalist/lean-in/get married/mommy wars. And I think the overall discussion misses the larger point.

Could it be that perhaps we don’t need to be spending energy on how women can better fit and triumph in 2013 corporate America? Maybe our time would be better spent on changing the rigidity of corporate structure so that more people – male and female – could fit in and find a way to their best efforts without leaving their personal lives strewn on the floor like so much debris? 

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On the Internet, As In Real Life, the Onus Is On The Woman to Not Get Burned

Adria Richards speaking at a tech conference.Adria RichardsTo paraphrase Smashing Pumpkins, "The Internet is a vampire, set to troll." It can get pretty ugly out there and it's gotten very ugly for Adria Richards, who after tweeting about lewd language at a tech conference her employer was co-sponsoring, found herself out of a job. The ensuing publicity surrounding the case resulted in fine Internet dialogues like this ... and this:

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Motherhood In Retrograde: Can People Miss What They Never Had?

My college-educated, former school teacher mother chose myself and my two sisters over her career. It was a choice she and my father made together. (Picture, my mother and my baby sister, Deidre)Feminism is back, guys! (Of course, if you ask the editors at Ms. Magazine and the women of NOW, it never left.) But thanks to Sheryl Sandberg's book "Lean In" and its advice that women need to stop pussyfooting around and get to running stuff everyone's talking about feminism like it's 1969. Case in point: New York Magazine has a feature called "The Feminist Housewife" which I thought was going to be about someone like my mom -- a woman who chose a traditional marriage but raised her daughters to be independent and self-starters -- but instead it's just about some lady who really likes staying at home, raising her kids and still believes in all the traditional gender roles.

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