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Lazy Link Sunday: Bomb Scares, Halle's Single and the Dull Return of the Alleged Obama Mistress

It's Sunday so you know what I'm doing -- BRUNCHING! But the news doesn't stop just because I'm tipsy on Mimosas! Here's a round-up of things I've been keeping an eye on ...

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Wanda Sykes Said Mean Things About An Asshole *Yawn* (O RLY?)

All Monday it was did Wanda Sykes, the first black woman and Lesbian to do the do for the White House Press Correspondents' Dinner, go to far in insulting a bag of wind. Wait? Are we implying that the bag of wind means something or that the bag of wind has feelings, because believe me, the bag of wind has said worse about others on numerous occasions. (What the hell did Chelsea Clinton ever do to you, bag of wind?)

This a controversy? A comedian sharing mean-spirited jokes about a mean-spirited bastard who uses his talk show to be as mean-spirited as possible to anyone who disagrees with him. Really? This is a controversy media?


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Yuckin' It Up With the Muckity Mucks

President Barack Obama giving his part of the roast at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

The reviews are in and Barack apparently killed 'em at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. My friend, author Darius James, immediately told me that the president had put us (satire/comedy writers) all out of a job. I think I shall write on, but he got some good ones in ... on Michael Steele.

Michael Steele is in the house tonight. Or as he would say, "in the heezy." What's up? Where is Michael? Michael, for the last time, the Republican Party does not qualify for a bailout. Rush Limbaugh does not count as a troubled asset, I'm sorry.

That dude is never gonna live it down.

Also, this one was a funny closer after he joked about what he would do in his next 100 days as president.

I believe that my next hundred days will be so successful I will be able to complete them in 72 days. And on the 73rd day, I will rest.

A some bloggers didn't have much of a sense of humor about the whole clusterfuck that is the White House Correspondents' Dinner. But to their credit, they hate all the White House Correspondents' Dinners no matter who is president. It presents this very chummy, drunken orgy of a relationship between power, celebrity and the press that (of course) freaks some people out as these journalists who are yukking it up and rubbing elbows with both the president and Eva Longoria Parker are the ones who are supposed to be the acting Fourth Estate, covering our government.

Eh, I say, let the muckrackers drink and gawk at Kerry Washington. They all might be unemployed next week.

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