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Kathleen Parker Misses the Point on President's Comments About Race

I read Kathleen Parker, and I don't typically agree with the conservative columnist but usually I find her articles well-written and measured. But her most recent column, where she all but calls President Obama a race-baiter for saying if he had a son he'd look like slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin was, by far, the most offensive and misguided column I'd read about race relations in America by a mainstream columnist in years. Dripping with obtuseness, Parker alludes that racial profiling is all about just not dressing appropriately and that there would "riots" if white teens killed a black man akin to the Chris Lane murder (in which one of the killers actually was a white teen). 

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The Guy Who Founded Amazon Bought The Washington Post And I Have No Idea of What That Means

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

For your reading pleasure, I've amassed some observations on The Washington Post sale courtesy of people who understand it better than me. Because even I go "huh" sometimes. And I was on some major "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?" yesterday as I called, IMed and texted everyone I knew. Here's what I found out.

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The Snob Talks Secret Service Servicing Sex Workers, Shacking Up and the Marriage of Brangelina on NPR

Unrelated ... yet apropos.The Snob returned to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin for a stop in the Beauty Shop segment to talk about the recent sex scandal involving Secret Service agents and US military staff in Colombia, a recent story on how shacking up isn't always an indicator of "marriage material" and a brief bit on Brangelina getting married for the kids. I was joined in the Beauty Shop with regulars Mary Kate Cary, Viviana Hurtado and newcomer PG Media's Bridget Johnson.

Check out the audio and more after the jump.

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