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The Zimmerman Trial, Rachel Jeantel and You

Wednesday, the prosecution in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin presented their star witness -- the last person to speak to Martin before he was killed by George Zimmerman. Her name was Rachel Jeantel. She was 19, she talked low, she was nervous and she was very raw and unpolished in her delivery of her testimony. She had no poker face. She didn't want to be there and she was obviously still hurting over the murder of her friend.

And while some people on Twitter focused on this, some other's spent their time calling her "Precious."

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Clutch: Sherri Shepherd Gets Trolled and Creflo Dollar Gets Arrested for Child Abuse

Monday on Clutch Magazine Online I have not one, but two posts up about Sherri Shepherd being trolled by an abusive Twitter user and mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar getting arrested after his teen daughter dialed 911 on him. Apparently he hit and choked the child during a fight over whether or not she could attend a party. First up: Sherri. While I could understand and relate to her frustration -- never give a troll attention. Just quietly block them and report the offender for abuse. 

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Roland Martin Suspension Really About When (And When Not) To Tweet

Live by the tweet. Die by the tweet.Nothing is private on the Internet. Except sometimes it's easy to get a false security of it.

Like you share photos with your Facebook friends or friends on Twitter. Maybe only your closest friends actually comment or care. But maybe you have more than just your "personal" friends following you on Facebook or Twitter. And maybe some of those people wouldn't think all that much of sharing your "private" messages and photos with the very "public" world. For most of us, our anonymity, in that we are not well-known, on television or famous in our respective fields will protect us a little from ourselves. A little. (But not really.) But if you're Roland Martin you can't really take that for granted.

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