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Snob's Favorite Person Roland Martin Moving to D.C.!

My favorite person in the history of human beings, Roland S. Martin, ascot-wearer, professional word wrestler and baby-haired CNN/TV One yakker, is moving to Washington, D.C.! He was previously known for terrorizing the streets of Chicago. I don't know the exact date when he'll arrive so I'm just going to start baking cakes now. I suggest you do the same. Now does he like Lemon Zest or 7-Up cake? I can make both! (Chicago Sun-Times, H/T Richard Prince)


My Favorite Person In The World Roland Martin Gets His Own Show! (But Not On CNN?!?)

My fair Uncle Rolly Rolls is getting a new show ya'll! Break out the balloons and streamers! CNN finally stopped dicking on home skillet around and pony upped a ... wait? What's that you say? CNN didn't follow through? Then who the hell gave the man I lurve a show? TV One?!?! Can I even get that on my TV?

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