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George Zimmerman's Lawyer Thought It Was A Bad Idea for George to Visit Gun Manufacturer

Photo via TMZGeorge Zimmerman, the killer of Florida teen Trayvon Martin who was acquitted of murder, put on his "bad idea jeans" and decided to go visit the factory where the gun he killed Martin with was made and pose for photos. Zimmerman's attorney, who is likely not a soulless person without remorse, admitted this was not a good look on Zimmerman's part.

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Kathleen Parker Misses the Point on President's Comments About Race

I read Kathleen Parker, and I don't typically agree with the conservative columnist but usually I find her articles well-written and measured. But her most recent column, where she all but calls President Obama a race-baiter for saying if he had a son he'd look like slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin was, by far, the most offensive and misguided column I'd read about race relations in America by a mainstream columnist in years. Dripping with obtuseness, Parker alludes that racial profiling is all about just not dressing appropriately and that there would "riots" if white teens killed a black man akin to the Chris Lane murder (in which one of the killers actually was a white teen). 

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The Root: George Zimmerman and the Price of Infamy

In my latest post for The Root, I tackle the -- not guilty of murder, but definitely a killer -- George Zimmerman, and what his life will be like now that he's a walking, breathing, infamous person no one wants around. Will he disappear like Casey Anthony or go golfing like O. J.? Right now he's busy randomly getting pulled over in Texas, so it could still go either way.

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