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Clutch Magazine: SNL's "Real" Diversity Problem

After taking a month-long hiatus (punctuated by me speaking at Duke University for a Race In Space conference, going on NPR and HLN and some occasional writing for Clutch), I'm back! Monday for Clutch Magazine Online, I wrote about how people are making a mistake if they think Saturday Night Live needs a more diverse cast for diversity's sake. SNL needs one to simply stay ahead in the game. They're in the topical comedy business and love it or hate it -- black people are pretty darn topical from Michelle Obama to Oprah to Beyonce and the fact that those three people all know each other. To continue to operate as if the paragons of popular culture and politics are all white males is so very 1984.

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The Snob Talks Bob Filner and Christine Beatty on NPR

I returned to the Beauty Shop segment of NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin today where we chatted about ex-San Deigo Mayor Bob Filner after he pled guilty to a series of lesser charges related to his sexual harassment case AND we talked about former mistress of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty, who wrote about her role in "A Real Life Scandal" for Essence Magazine's November issue. 

Take a listen after the jump.

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The Snob Talks Government Shutdown on HLN

I was in Jane Velez-Mitchell's the Lion's Den last night on HLN as our government hurled towards a shutdown. Thanks to my good friend, Dr. Jason Johnson, there's actual video capture of it. So if anyone missed the shoutfest the first go-round, here you go!

Check out the videos after the jump!

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