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Don Lemon Barely Able to Hide Contempt For Fluff

On The Daily Show Tuesday, Jon Stewart ran a segment featuring on of my favorite news people, Don Lemon, barely being able to hide his disinterest in the special brand of news fluffernutter (Now with MORE fluff than nutter!) that CNN churns out when there isn't enough serious news to spread around. It can get stupid ... real stupid. In our present "Age of Cynicism" the Powers-That-Be don't think an American audience has the patience to sit through a solid block of just pure, unfiltered real news.

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Harold Ford Jr. Is Serious About Running ... He Has to Be. He Went On Colbert.

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Harold Ford Jr.
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In other random news about Pretty, Pretty Princess Ford and his run for NY Senate:

Karl Rove finds Harold "attractive." No matter how you put that it still sounds kind of gross because, dude, who wants whatever Karl Rove is crushing on? Who wants to BE whatever Karl Rove is crushing on?

He can't get any respect on the NY Times letters page. "What? He's a DEMOCRAT, you say? Why I didn't notice!"

Oh, and he's totally pro-reproductive rights and he LOVES the geighs now. Loves. Hearts, unicorns, rainbow sparkle ponies and everything. What? What are you all looking at? Seriously. He's down with the people who are into people who are the same gender as themselves. If you didn't know you better ask some gay body.


Snob Brain Is Fried, Dyed and Oozing Out the Side

Something entertaining about the otherwise dullsville Sotomayor hearings. (How many ways can you ask one question?)

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The Word - Neutral Man's Burden
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Yeah. Even I sometimes run out of things I feel like talking about. While I spend the day rejuvenating my brain matter and thinking up stories to tackle for the 'morrow, drop me some links on what's "hot in the streets" right now and what you think should be news on The Snob.