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Clutch Magazine: Assimilation Is A Dirty (But Relevant) Word

Almost forgot to mention this on Le Snob Blog, but I wrote a post for Clutch Magazine Online last week about the beautiful pointlessness of assimilation, yet how necessary it is in all its pointlessness. Case in point:

Assimilate is a dirty word for me because in reference to black people surviving in America it’s both necessary and completely worthless all at the same time. Necessary as in, having the name Danielle Belton could mean my resume didn’t immediately go into the garbage when they were screening out all the Keishas that day, but futile because I started a site called “” and it’s on my resume along with me being a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Never mind all the black publications I’ve written and worked for. So everything about my resume screams BLACK LADY even if my parents tried to turn me into some racial Terminator, stealthy moving about society, showing up at job interviews all “SURPRISE BLAKC GIRL!”

You can name me Danielle, but you can still see I’m black.

Read the full post at Clutch Magazine Online here.


RHOA's Porsha Stewart Is Perfect and I Love Her (But Let Me Explain)

Porsha Stewart reacts to gifts at her fairy tale wedding.Normally, I don't have much in ways of interest for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's a silly, fun show full of cringe-inducing people and a few glamour-pusses flouncing around and twirling. But this season has piqued my interest, but for one reason and one reason alone -- granddaughter of a civil rights activist and wife of former pro-football star Kordell Stewart -- loveable ditz Porsha Stewart.

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Clutch Magazine: Ugh. Like, Don't Listen to This Derbyshire Guy, Mmkay?

This Monday for Clutch Magazine I went on one of my infamous long rants which can be summed up thusly as "Ugh, why is ANYONE taking this guy seriously." This time I'm addressing a cadre of internet commenters on Clutch who felt columnist John Derbyshire's racist rant was somehow written to "shed light" on the realities of black people, clearly ignoring that he was on some typical Bell Curve crap and doesn't give a flying fig about black people or our general safety. That's just some special mental jujitsu to read something obviously racist and to try and find something "truth-telling" and "positive" in it. Just because he quoted a kernel of true things about black-on-black crime, doesn't mean that he didn't twist them to fit his warped view of society.

This is one of those times where, even though he talked about black people, my dear black people, he did not write this for you. 

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