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Al Sharpton Throws In His Two Cents Agaisnt Limbaugh and the Rams

Considering how controversy-anemic the NFL is, I don't see the owners approving the Limbaugh-Checkettes bid to buy the Cardiac Cards ... I mean, the St. Louis Rams. (Did I just tell my age?) With the players' union coming out against the bid that tells you that despite how controversy-anemic athletes usually are (talking to you Stephen A. Smith) even they have drawn a line when it comes to Rush "NFL looks like Crips and Bloods to me" Limbaugh.

Now, because he's never met a controversy he didn't like, the good Rev. Al Sharpton has thrown his two pennies and some change into the fountain to take his turn at the great game of "This Idea Sucks and Here's Why!"

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Who Wants To Play for Team Rush?

Controversial conservative yakker Rush Limbaugh expressed interest in purchasing the St. Louis Rams last week as part of a larger group seeking to own the beleaguered team. It seems I wasn't the only person horrified by this proposition, as several NFL players and now the head of the players' union has come out against the notion of Limbaugh owning any part of the team.

Can't say I blame them.

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