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Clutch Magazine: Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada Do What Everyone Expected

Which was self-implode. The two more famous for being reality TV stars than Chad Johnson's football skills and whatever the hell Evelyn Lozada did before Vh1's Basketball Occasional Sex Partners, got into a domestic dispute last weekend that ended with accusations of Johnson head-butting his newly wedded wife in an argument over condoms. But considering he's a craven, sexist fame whore and she's an emotional wreck known for throwing drinks and punches -- none of this is really all that surprising.

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Clutch Magazine: Lolo Jones and the Madison Avenue Machine

Thursday for Clutch Magazine Online I take on how Madison Avenue, in their continuing quest to sell flavored sugar water and tennis shoes, "made" Lolo Jones happen to the detriment of both Jones and her fellow hurdlers, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, on Team USA.

Jones, while a talented hurdler, was never the favorite to win gold in a race that was always going to be about defending Beijing gold medalist Harper and eventually 2012 gold winner Sally Pearson of Australia, but advertising execs had already decided long ago hyping Lolo was where money could be made. Sure, it would have been a great narrative if she redeemed herself after clipping the last hurdle in Beijing, losing her lead, but either way Madison Avenue got their star and the media got their narrative -- an attractive female runner to love then hate then talk about it endlessly.

All in an effort to sell you stuff.

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Penn State Child Rape Case Brings Out Worst In Sports Idolatry

I spent most of this week avoiding reading and writing about what was going on at Penn State because all I could likely add to the conversation would be a long string of curse words. A tale of how no one likes to be proven right about the more disgusting side of the human condition. The truth that some people will do anything for a win.

Even overlook the sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

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