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The Zimmerman Trial, Rachel Jeantel and You

Wednesday, the prosecution in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin presented their star witness -- the last person to speak to Martin before he was killed by George Zimmerman. Her name was Rachel Jeantel. She was 19, she talked low, she was nervous and she was very raw and unpolished in her delivery of her testimony. She had no poker face. She didn't want to be there and she was obviously still hurting over the murder of her friend.

And while some people on Twitter focused on this, some other's spent their time calling her "Precious."

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"Dark Girls" Documentary Takes Painful Look at Colorism

Directed by Bill Duke, a 9-minute teaser for his new documentary "Dark Girls" takes a look at how colorism both within and without the African American community affects dark skinned black women. The womens' stories in this release are all quite painful in the rejection they felt or still feel from people, even loved ones, due to their skin color. 

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The Wet And Wavy Womanizer and the Long Hair Fetish

"Can I touch it?"

He could barely get the question out before his hands went right into my hair. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to pet it. He wanted to put it into a ponytail with a dirty rubber band he found on the marble top of the bar.

"I could fall in love with this," he said as he scratched my roots. By the time I freed myself from his hair molestation my blow out was frizzy and wild. Not that he cared. I gave him the look. The John McEnroe "Are You SERIOUS?" look and he tried to cover his painfully obvious fetish.

"I just love that your hair is real. I don't care what a woman's hair is like as long as it's real."

Yet he wasn't attacking the sister rocking the TWA two stools down even though she was incredibly fierce in her own right. No. It was me and the ten pounds of clothes I had on in the summertime. I believe that everyone is entitled to love who they want to love, but I think people should be honest with themselves.

Black men have just as many hair issues about black women's hair as black women do.

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