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Clutch Magazine: Street Harassment in Our Nation's Capital

For Clutch Magazine this Monday I wrote about how I spent my Sunday dealing with cat calls and other annoying commentary on my body by men who appeared to be doing this for their own, shallow enjoyment.

Check it out after the jump.

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On the Internet, As In Real Life, the Onus Is On The Woman to Not Get Burned

Adria Richards speaking at a tech conference.Adria RichardsTo paraphrase Smashing Pumpkins, "The Internet is a vampire, set to troll." It can get pretty ugly out there and it's gotten very ugly for Adria Richards, who after tweeting about lewd language at a tech conference her employer was co-sponsoring, found herself out of a job. The ensuing publicity surrounding the case resulted in fine Internet dialogues like this ... and this:

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Herman Cain Accuser Says Pizza Man Could Be A 'Monster'

DAY 10! Another day. Another Cain accuser. Another Cain crisis. Another Cain denial. Another "Cainwreck" to cover. News producers gnash their teeth. They render their garments. They really would rather write about any other GOP candidate right now, but the Cain Controversies won't stop. "DIE!" they all scream, "Why won't this MONSTER DIE?!" Yet his poll numbers remain "high." He is still a "front runner." Therefore they must still cover this story.

Take it away, media!

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