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The Snob Talks Danny Brown and Consent on NPR

Rapper Danny BrownThis Wednesday on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin, I was on discussing rapper Danny Brown being fellated by a fan from the audience as he was rapping on stage. Rapper Kitty Pryde, who is touring with Brown, condemned the act, calling it sexual assault. For me, this was about consent (which is the basis of sexual assault). Whether Brown enjoyed it or not is a non-factor as he had no way of consenting to anything if he was on stage performing. Despite popular belief, men (especially black men) are not sex automatons, ready to go at anytime incapable of being molested, assaulted or raped. They do get a say about who they want to have sex with and when.

Check out the convo, featuring myself, Prof. Mark Anthony Neal, Deputy Director Malik Washington of the William Kellibrew Foundation, and Village Voice music critic Jessica Hopper.

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The Snob Talks Naming Rape Victims, Amy Winehouse on NPR's Tell Me More

The Snob returned to NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin this week to continue a chat about whether or not the press should name rape victims. We also discussed the death of British soul singer Amy Winehouse. I was joined on the "Beauty Shop" panel with Pulitzer Prize winners Connie Schultz of The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cynthia Tucker of The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and my girl Latoya Peterson of Check it out after the jump!

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Sexual Consent: Kiely Williams Ur Doin' It Wrong

Fine. If you want to "blame it on the alcohol," fine, but don't try to convince me, Miss Kiely Williams, that it's a GOOD thing to have sex while in a blackout with some dude you don't know. Maybe Kiely, being a youngin', doesn't know what a blackout is, which is why I'm so perplexed by her song (and video) for "Spectacular."

I have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic who experienced blackouts and none of them sounded fun, let alone an environment where she could have consented to anything. Nothing like waking up wondering how your car ended up in a field or how you even got home last night and hoping you didn't hurt anyone or do anything crazy while you were completely out of it. Someone could/can do anything to you in a blackout. Kill you. Rape you. Beat you senseless. Take your money. Dump you in a ditch. Whatever. That's what a blackout is. Where you are so drunk that you are in danger of just dying from vomiting.

Hence why I'm confused by her song "Spectacular" where she sings that the sex was great EVEN THOUGH SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER IT! She doesn't remember how she got there in the song. She doesn't remember if he used protection. But it was "Spectacular!?" Get it? Even though she doesn't remember what the hell just happened, it was the bomb. Um ... noooooooooo! You're not describing a fun evening out. You're describing the sex scene at the beginning of in the film "Rules of Attraction" where Shannen Sossamon gets vomited on while being raped while she was blacked out.

More after the jump.

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