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The Great Sarah Palin Freakout

It's spreading! Republicans now have it too! Politico is reporting that some Republicans really, with cream and sugar on top pretty pretty please, don't want her to run for President in 2012. She's said she'll run if no one sufficiently conservative enough for her runs. Which, you know? That rules out almost all Republican 2012 hopefuls. My beloved Mittens "Mitt" Romney, after all, did invent that dreaded "Obamacare." And even though I think Sarah would be much happier commenting on FOX News, reaping in lush speaker's fees, effing up statewide elections by endorsing Tea Party candidates, "writing" books and just being famous for fame's sake ... she still might want to be President.

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Glenn Beck Is Coming To Washington, D.C.! Hide Your Sanity!

It could get lost.

Yahoo! News was so sweet to put together a handy guide about Glenn Beck's "Rally of Divine Providence that will lead to him making more money" going on in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. A lot of people are mad because ... well, no matter what he says, the whole she-bang sounds like a fancy advertisement for that cult he's busy working on. Also, the whole thing just happens to happen on the same day when slain Civil Rights Activist, fan of social justice, Martin Luther King Jr. had his "I Have A Dream" speech back in 1963. And it's happening in the same place -- the Lincoln Memorial.

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Sarah Palin Still Makes More Money Than You

Act accordingly!

From Bloomberg Businessweek:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised $865,815 in the year’s second quarter and she used some of that money to help a primary challenger to incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, a fellow Republican, in her home state.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, gave $82,500 through her PAC to Republican candidates from April through June, including $5,000 to lawyer Joe Miller, who is challenging Murkowski in Alaska’s Aug. 24 primary.

She's pulling in the dough AND spreadin' the wealth around! (Better to create some of that nice influence powerful rich people enjoy!) I swear, running for President has to be the world's greatest Ponzi scheme. Especially when two-thirds of the American public will not vote for you. You get people to give you money based on the "idea" that you might run for President and it's a real life Brewster's Millions!