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Ron Paul, Running For President Of Your Mind

Another fantasy league GOP candidate announced he's running for President today, good ol' Ron Paul. As you may recall, the Texas Representative from Ayn Randville has done this a few times before already. Since there's so much "Hey, hey, the gang's all here" going on with the Republican ticket, surely Alan Keyes will be announcing his return to the mainstream any day now with Herman Cain stealing all his righteous conservative black man thunder. (Although Cain doesn't suffer from nearly the same degree of debilitating pure crazy that Keyes is afflicted with.)

Other "Hey, it's you again" GOP-ers include: The Return of Newt, that one delusional boring guy and My Fair Mittens Romney. But this Republican Party won't be a "par-taaay" if a few more of the old 2008 bunch doesn't hop in. I'm holding out on some Rudy Guiliani action. No one has shouted "a noun, a verb and 9/11" enough this go-round.