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Pro-Zombie Reagan Debate Light On Substance, Heavy On "Let Me Finish"

Texas Gov. Rick "Good Hair" Perry may have got the headline of Wednesday night's presidential debate by doubling-down on his "Social Security is a ponzi scheme" statements, but the real Ponzi shenanigans going on weren't coming from our entitlement programs, but about three-fourths of the candidates on that stage. Many of whom who weren't so much pushing campaigns, but pushing for future punditry/lobbying gigs and book deals. With their non-existent poll rankings and fatal personality flaws, they wasted time talking loud and signifying nothing while Jon Huntsman fought for relevancy and Ron Paul fought for respect. They were a cacophony of phonies you already forgot were running, grifting in the background while well-coiffed doppelgangers Perry and his seething prissy rival Willard "Mittens" Romney fought for America's hand in marriage.

Here's the highlights of a debate featuring your political Kens and one Barbie, known kooks, political hustlers and ... Ron Paul.

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NYT Graphic Depressingly Displays How We Work Harder For Less

Click to enlarge.After looking at this graphic I had a strong urge to just completely give it up and pack in it. Nothing like seeing hourly wages and compensation stagnate (and even go down) while American productivity continues to rise. In a world where you're constantly told that somehow everything done from 1947 through 1979 was all some fluke and that our country prospered in spite of the creation of entitlement programs, government spending, regulations and worker's rights, the chart hurts. It hurts so bad.

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President Obama: The Man With No One to Hug

Sammy? Nixon! OMG, you two! Again? Get a room!Last week, I was chatting with an ex-White House staffer at lunch in Georgetown about President Obama and the midterm elections. I was talking, with horror, about how if/when the Republicans take back Congress, America can look forward to at least two years of gridlock, of nothing getting done, of government shutdowns, of political show offs and potential pointless investigations against the President in order to roust him from office.

Meaning -- 1994 all over again.

Which made me think of former President Bill Clinton and how Barack Obama can't use the last Democratic President's patented coping technique -- hugging it out with Negroes.

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