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Al Sharpton Is On Your TeeVee, Sayin' Stuff

Not too long after the NAACP ripped CNN and others for their lack of black prime time anchors, Rev. Al Sharpton, Civil Rights activist and sayer of uncomfortable things, has been made the new afternoon host of some random news program on MSNBC. He's replacing Cenk Uygur who was kind of terrible in the same slot. Sharpton, while not a polished broadcast journalist, brings a much more unpredictable sense to the program, as conservatives, barely able to contain their disgust, attempt to have a debate with him on air.

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CORRECTION: Roland Martin Edition!

Click to enlarge.Yesterdiddy in my story on what's up with MSNBC not letting black people fail at TV shows as much as they let white people fail at TV shows in light of Keith Olbermann getting the ol' heave-ho I listed my fair Roland Martin among the list of black people CNN who had shows even though the shows didn't make it to MLK's "promise land." (Or by dying terrible deaths ... did they?) Anyway, CORRECTION! Roland Martin, my favorite person in the whole wide world, all blue seas and all of the green earths, heaven and Bezeabulb's Playpen, did not have a show on CNN. He just filled in for Campbell Brown back when her show was something old people used as background noise during their naps to drown out how the absence of children has filled their life both loneliness and ... quite strangely, peace.

Therefore, apologizes, to Mr. Martin, my most favorite, most handsomest and valued reader! Let be know, henceforth in Snobland, on the days you hosted the Titanic it was just a quarter in. It went the full "I'll never let you go"/Damn-Kate-let-Leonardo-DiCaprio-freeze-to-death-and-drown route on Campbell's watch.


Snob's Favorite Person Roland Martin Moving to D.C.!

My favorite person in the history of human beings, Roland S. Martin, ascot-wearer, professional word wrestler and baby-haired CNN/TV One yakker, is moving to Washington, D.C.! He was previously known for terrorizing the streets of Chicago. I don't know the exact date when he'll arrive so I'm just going to start baking cakes now. I suggest you do the same. Now does he like Lemon Zest or 7-Up cake? I can make both! (Chicago Sun-Times, H/T Richard Prince)