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Maxine Waters Clowns on Allen West Over "Plantation" Comments (Video)

Coming of her "unleash" comments regarding President Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters headed to MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews where after some light chit chat about her remarks she went in on fellow member of Congress, Tea Partier, Rep. Allen West. 

West, a Republican, had made comments earlier accusing Waters and others of being "overseers" on the Democratic Party's "21st century plantation." Waters countered that she found it "odd" that when West's own unemployed brother needed help, West told him to head over to the Congressional Black Caucus' job fair and talk to those he despises.

*Clears throat* *Leans back* *Prepares self*


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T-Paw Calls It Quits, Rick Perry Makes It Official and Bachmann Wins Meaningless Iowa Straw Poll

The past weekend was extremely eventful in the race for 2012 as one Republican jumped in, one jumped out and another continued her pursuit to harass us with inanity for a few more months before she gets bounced out for being completely out-of-her-gourd.

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Highlights From "Who Wants To Be A President?" GOP Debate In Iowa

From UK GuardianIt was fight night in Ames, Iowa Thursday and FOX News actually did a good job. (Seriously, they did! It was an entertaining, if too damn long, two hour debate!) Chris Wallace and the homies asked almost all the crazy, shit-stirring questions you could ever want, causing Presidential wannabe Tim Pawlenty to point his weak chin in his fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann's direction and start the fisticuffs. But because Pawlenty is hopelessly lame, Bachmann and her delicious word salad was successful in beating him back every time. Most notably by saying T-Paw is Obama-like

Oh no she didn't!

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