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Racist Ranch Name Comes Back to Haunt Rick Perry

Via Authentic HistoryTexas Gov. Rick Perry got himself involved in a little racial imbroglio this weekend when The Washington Post ran a story on some rural West Texas property managed by his family that contained the name of "Niggerhead Rock." Perry contends his family painted over the rock with the problematic name shortly after acquiring the old hunting grounds and cattle land, but visitors to the ranch say, "Nuh uh." And no matter what, people in the area who hunted on the land seemed very aware that the place had just always been called "Niggerhead," a slur that, at one point in American history, was commonly used to describe everything from streets to brands of tobacco.

But, is anyone surprised? (I used to live in West Texas, Midland, to be precise, so I'm just going to say, "No. No you shouldn't surprised.")

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Herman Cain Tries To Win Over Black People By Insulting Their Intelligence

Via FacebookYou know? I'll never get this tactic that is, in my opinion, overused by certain black conservatives to get their fellow Negroes to cross over to the GOP side. I call it the "All black people are stupid but me" tactic. Which is, by far, the worst tactic to use. Herman Cain, presidential wannabe and Godfather pizza man, recently went on CNN and said the Democrats have "brainwashed" black people into not seeing conservatism and the Republican Party as viable political options. Which ... OMG? Really? That old lie that pretends like the 1960s and 70s never happened? But then, maybe Cain wasn't trying to win over any black people to the GOP with that statement. Maybe that was really about making white conservatives feel better since the GOP is routinely accused of harboring, defending and protecting bigots within their own party, rather than running them out of town.

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CNN Tea Party Debate Crowd Eschews Cake, Says Uninsured Should Eat Death Instead

Or maybe they're offering "death cake?" Mmm. Death Cake.*There was a lot of craziness going on in the latest GOP debate, hosted by CNN and the Tea Party, most of it involving the various candidates playing wack-a-mole with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But the most startling moment was during a hypothetical question posed by Wolf Blitzer about a 30-something, once healthy uninsured guy who didn't buy insurance when he could afford it, but got really sick and might die. Should we should let him die? While Ron Paul was trying to give his "go to a church for help if you're uninsured and dying of an illness answer" (more on that later), the crowd got a little restless and cheered for letting the dude die.

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