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Clutch Magazine: Are You Addicted to Love?

In a Friday post for Clutch Magazine Online, The Snob talks about the more dysfunctional end of serial monogamy -- namely your person who fears being alone so much, they routinely settle for horrible relationships. Then want to tell you all about them. But no one wants to hear about, gurl. Lemme talking you down from making this mistake again.

Snippet after the jump.

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Clutch Magazine: Snob Lets You Know When to Set Your Bridges To Burn

When is it appropriate to speak out? After the world's most bizarre press conference (that I'm still not 100 percent sure wasn't some form of performance art), the attorneys of George Zimmerman quit due to Zimmerman becoming non-responsive, talking to FOX Newser Sean Hannity and creating a web site to correspond with "supporters." But as bone-crazy as all that sounded, I wondered -- when is it appropriate to start flapping your yap about something potentially controversial? Lucky for you, I've broken it down for when to "press send" on an email of doom, when to publish a blog post of destruction and when to call the calvary for your press conference of bomb dropping.

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So This Is Valentines Day and You're Alone.

So, it's upon us. Valentines Day. That one holiday, more so than other holidays, that likes to jump up in your face and go, "Oh, still alone, huh?" I mean, who cares, Right? You don't care. Nope. This is a manufactured holiday meant to make you feel bad. You. Specifically. And no one else. And you're not going to let it do that. After all, it's just another day to you, since you went through all the stages of "Single Again on Valentines Day" grief back when you were in your teens and 20s. Now, a cold, hard shell of your former self is all that remains and you proudly have no damns left to give. You've stared into the V-day abyss and now, you do not blink.

This post is for you.

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