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Listen to The Snob Talk About "Where Did Our Love Go" on Atlanta's KISS FM

The Snob is back talking about love, black love in particular on this March 17 interview. It aired on Atlanta's 104.1 KISS FM and featured myself, Edward Garnes, and book editor Gil Robertson about his new book Where Did Our Love Go?, released in February. I contributed to the book, which is about the state of black love and marriage, featuring several essays on singlehood, marriage and divorce. (Mine was in the divorce chapter, called "The Problem with Marriage.") You can check out the full interview on Atlanta's 104.1 KISS FM here.


The Snob Talks Having It All, Immigration, Fifty Shades of Horrible on NPR

Women! Can you have it all? (No.) Immigrants! Will you be racially profiled in Arizona? (Probably.) Book lovers! Is former Twilight fan fiction Fifty Shades of Grey terrible? (YES.) All this and more as The Snob pops in to the "Beauty Shop" segment on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin. Michel was out today, so Viviana Hurtado (who I'm often on with on the Beauty Shop) was guest hosting. She was great! Joining myself and Viviana were PJ Media editor Bridget Johnson and Deepa Iyer of South Asian Americans Leading Together.

Check out the audio after the jump.

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Dr. Laura Wants To Know Why She Can't Use the N-Word

Dr. Laura SchlessingerSo some woman with a syndicated radio show who I didn't realize still had a radio show because she is that inconsequential to me said the "N-word" six times on the radio. She was frustrated because some poor woman looking for advice claimed that she was in an interracial marriage and wanted to know what she could do about her husband's friends and family being racially insensitive. Apparently, they liked to use the N-word and such around her and Dr. Laura got all kinds of "get over it" because that's just what you're supposed to expect if you marry outside your race. You DESERVE all the racist hell relatives unleash on you (according to Dr. Laura). You're asking for it and just like wearing a miniskirt is an invitation for rape: White people can't help but be racist towards you. You're black! (Per Dr. Laura) So why so serious? Why on Earth would she find a racially loaded pejorative so inflammatory? It was almost like she expected people to respect her as a human being.

Black people, I swear. What's with this whole "demanding respect" thing? That is so racist. Why are you black people always pointing out that foot on your neck? It's just trying to give you a massage! Ungrateful!

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