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Al Sharpton Is On Your TeeVee, Sayin' Stuff

Not too long after the NAACP ripped CNN and others for their lack of black prime time anchors, Rev. Al Sharpton, Civil Rights activist and sayer of uncomfortable things, has been made the new afternoon host of some random news program on MSNBC. He's replacing Cenk Uygur who was kind of terrible in the same slot. Sharpton, while not a polished broadcast journalist, brings a much more unpredictable sense to the program, as conservatives, barely able to contain their disgust, attempt to have a debate with him on air.

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On Current TV, Keith Olbermann's Second Verse Is the Same As the First

Opening with "As I was saying ..." and ending with Markos Moulitsas gleefully tearing into the alleged tears of Keith Olbermann's former MSNBC cohort, Joe Scarborough, the "new" Countdown on Current TV was almost exactly like the old Countdown Olbermann originated on MSNBC. Only with a dash chintzier graphics and a pound more "cat fight."

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The State of the Union On An Olbermann Free TV

President Barack Obama is delivering the State of the Union address tonight. In the past, I enjoyed watching MSNBC coverage of events like these -- not so much for the slant -- but for the hope that Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough would be forced into a small room again to talk to each other, then try to eat each other's heads while Rachel Maddow pleads for peace. Because, that's just more fun. The chin-checking and unchecked ego is simply better TV, than watching Katie Couric be clip and dry when she really wants to be chipper and funny as everyone sits around a table at CBS and tries to divine meaning out of whatever the First Lady is wearing. I'm just not feeling that. I want my quasi-lefty blowhards. I want my bloviating Keithy.

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