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Black Students Targeted For Suspensions More Often Than Whites

Photo via US Dept. of EducationIn today's latest depressing, but not surprising news, The Root is reporting on a new study that reveals that black students are routinely given suspensions and harsher punishments than white students for similar offenses. The National Education Policy Center study found that school suspensions for non-white students have gone up by 100 percent since 1970. As a product of integrated, suburban schools in St. Louis County, I'd have to say, "No joke."

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Hell Is A High School That Never Goes Out of Session

The cast of season 7 of Oxygen's Bad Girls ClubRecently a friend of mine got me to start watching two equally horrible, but hard-to-look-away from reality TV shows. One is Basketball Wives on VH-1 (both original flavor and LA). The other is Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. The first time I sat down to watch Bad Girls Club I almost had to leave the room because the women on there reminded me too much of all the things I'd tried so hard to forget about my childhood and teen experience, triggering a public school PTSD response.

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D.C. School Chancellor Rhee Out After Fenty Loss

Did the controversial D.C. school chancellor Michelle Rhee make things better for the embattled Washington, D.C. public school system or was she a "cold" and "aloof" administrator who brought more problems than she solved? I'm still learning about Rhee's tenure, so I don't have much of a take on it, but I do know this much: The woman wasn't exactly on a friend-making tour as the local D.C. teachers' unions hate her vehemently for how she was never afraid to fire anybody (or everybody for that matter).

Now, after all the drama and reform, she's out.

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